STREET 50 Singapore Food Story Weekend Lunch Buffet

Simply named after the address of Bay Hotel Singapore and its street level access, STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar not only celebrates Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture, but brings new meaning to its name through a plethora of local street fare from 9 August 2016.

The story of Singapore is rich with flavours, literally, with the early debut of an all-new weekend buffet lunch on National Day itself, boasting comfort foods of yesteryear to perennial local favourites.

What better way to reflect our unique way of life and the intriguing blend of cultures than sumptuous Singaporean favourites? A common sight at holiday chalets, parks and residential facilities, the BBQ Station, chef-manned, now lights up STREET 50’s weekend buffet lunch with a sizzling selection of otah, chicken, beef, squid, prawn, corn on the cob including the must-have chicken and mutton satay. Swing over to the nearby Carving Station and drool at the rare sight of juicy chicken char siew shawarma that glistens tantalisingly as the deftly crafted kebabs takes a ‘local’ spin in the shawarma machine.

Rojak, a colloquial expression to symbolise an eclectic mix and the multi-ethnic fabric of Singapore, makes a lovely couple appearance in this buffet too. Combining the two iconic Rojak in one buffet line, you will get to enjoy the best of both worlds, be it the Exotic Tropical Fruit Rojak featuring the freshest tasting salad of green guava, raw mango, rose apple, starfruit and pineapple tossed with condiments, homemade dressing and grated peanuts or the Indian Rojak comprising fish cake, tempeh, boiled egg, boiled potato, prawn fritters, coconut fritters and plain fritters.

Of course, the main draw of the buffet is the must-try Signature Hot Dishes such as the beef rendang, ayam lemak cili padi, sambal mussels, sugarcane prawn skewers, butter chicken, fish curry which is best paired with basmati rice, garlic naan or plain naan and seafood hong kong noodle that is the staple on all zichar menus. But the limelight will not be stolen from the Signature Laksa Station which never fails to satiate our local cravings.

For a truly hearty spread, remember to check out the buffet mandatories like seafood on ice, soup and appetizers and the DIY Salad Counter too before you end the feast on the sweetest note with your all-time favourite Live Crepe Station with Ice Cream & Berries.

Savour local desserts like pulut hitam with coconut cream and assorted nyonya kueh as you take a walk down memory lane with syrup bandung and Teh or Kopi Tarik which have been popular since the early days of Singapore. After all, one of the most powerful ways to tell the Singapore story is through food and culture, and not forgetting free flow of draught beer, wines & juices at the buffet! 

• Entertainer App ‘1 for 1’ Adult Weekend Buffet Lunch
• ^DBS Credit / Debit Cards 15% off Adult Weekend Buffet Lunch
• ^Free Flow Draught Beer, Wines & Juices @ $28++ per Adult
• ^UOB Dining Treats: ‘1 for 1’ Free Flow Draught Beer, Wines & Juices with Adult Weekend Buffet Lunch purchase
Reservations can be made at 6818 6681. Open from 6am to 3am daily. Weekend (Sat & Sun) & National Day Buffet Lunch from 12 to 3pm.

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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