Ujong Gourmet - Traditional Kaya Modern Twist

Reminisce the taste of your Grandma’s traditional Peranakan kaya with the launch of Ujong Gourmet, an Artisanal Coconut Jam!

Inspired by the native name of Singapore Island, Ujong Gourmet has a dream to show what modern South East Asian food can offer to the global village. I have tried the kaya and as an avid fan of kaya, I can tell you these jams tastes amazing!

The brainchild behind this newly launched brand is Mr. Lim Tian Wee, founder of Gryphon Tea Company. Ujong Gourmet is inspired by the traditional family recipe left behind by Tian Wee’s grandma, a Chinese Nyonya who married into a Chinese Hokkien family. Growing up, he spent much of his time with his Grandma while his parents were working. Under her care, he begun to learn the finer tastes of Nyonya cooking. The strong influence of Nyonya cooking inspired him and hence the launch of Ujong Gourmet.

Available in three different flavours, each bottle of Saffron Kaya is retailed at S$9.50, while Buko Kaya and Straits Kaya are retailed at S$8.95. With each batch carefully produced in small quantities for quality consistency, Ujong Gourmet is available at Isetan Scotts Supermarket, Emporium Shukohin, NTUC Finest, Meidiya Supermarket and Gryphon Tea Pantry.

Straits Kaya is one of Tian Wee’s prolific interpretations of traditional Nyonya through the use of a natural food colouring; butterfly pea flower. This flower is used to create an appealing richness in the kaya, unveiling a green jadeite hue to this epicurean delight. With fresh notes of pandan and a smooth vanilla, this kaya pairs perfectly with strong cheddar and aged Gouda.

An interesting texture of crunchy coconut with every bite, Buko Kaya brings back fond memories of traditional coconut candy, kuih wajid and sweet glutinous rice. Made using only organic Javanese coconut nectar and sea salt, this kaya creates layers of deep flavor, complementing the creamy note of coconut. A touch of sea salt brings balance to the sweetness, making the kaya a favourite new tradition. This kaya pairs perfectly with Pecorino Romano and Comte.

Unlike any other, Saffron Kaya is perhaps the most luxurious interpretation of kaya. Known to be the most exclusive spice used in cuisines, it is hand-picked from the dried stigmas of purple saffron crocus. Unique in idea and taste, it is the first and only kaya made using saffron. Utilising only Spanish saffron and wild flower honey; lifting the coconut jam to gourmet nirvana with its luxurious yellow-orange hue of honeyed dreams. This pairing accentuates the creaminess of coconut milk, while giving it a clean, earthy and mild honey-like taste. Pairs perfectly with Mozarella and Manchego, try whipping up interesting dishes with the kaya as this luxurious match made in Heaven creation is uniquely exclusive to Ujong Gourmet.

If you love kaya like me, be sure to try them out! There are many various food you can make from these kaya as well, like some saffron flat bread and kaya mousse! If you're interested, do drop me an email and I'll be more than happy to share the recipes with you!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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