Gavia - Natural Sweetener

Introducing Gavia, an all-natural, zero calories, zero glycaemic index sweetener that tastes and feels just like sugar!

Gavia is made up of the finest blend of Stevia plant extract and Erythritol, and it's a natural sweetener! This means that you can still enjoy your favourite drinks and pastries in a much healthier way!

The plant Stevia has been used for more than 1,500 years by the Guaraní people in South America to sweeten their tea and food. The Guaraní people described them as “sweet herbs” from Mother Nature. 

Soon, the plant Stevia had spread to Japan and has been used for many decades as an all-natural sweetener to replace sugar. The plant is known for its high-intensity sweetness and yet it is calorie-free, which is great for calorie-conscious people. Research has also shown that Stevia extract does not elevate blood sugar level or insulin, making it a better choice. 

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