Puvay Collagen - Redefining Conventional Beauty Supplements

Ever wanted to stay ahead of the beauty game but found the taste of collagen drinks too sweet or artificial?

Puvay redefines the taste of conventional beauty supplement drinks with the launch of its newly formulated range of 100% natural, fruit-puree based Collagen Drinks. Read on for more details and discount code!

Featuring 2 exciting new flavours to its existing collagen drink range; Passionfruit Spring contains the tropical tastes of Passionfruit and Mango; and Peach Perfect, a refreshing White Peach flavour. Formulated to give the body a nutritional boost while replenishing collagen that we lose with age, Puvay’s Collagen Drinks is more than just your usual fruit juice or beauty drink – it’s a beverage for the modern lifestyle, juggling work, fitness and beauty – while maintaining that wholesome taste.

Each collagen drink flavour contains 8000mg of “Korean Marine Collagen Peptides”, which features specific shorter collagen molecules, called “collagen peptides’. Whereas other collagen drinks in the market uses general collagen extracts with larger molecule sizes, Puvay uses Korean Marine Collagen Peptides molecules which are much smaller in size, which helps the body better absorb the benefits more quickly.

Unlike existing collagen concentrates which are usually infused with high amounts of sugar, artificial sugar substitutes, and artificial flavours into their product; Puvay is one of the few companies to create a shelf-stable fruit-juice beverage with high dosage of Korean Marine Collagen Peptides. Using only 100% natural ingredients and fresh fruits, Puvay is able to create a beauty collagen drink that is lower in calorie and sugar to maintain that healthy factor while giving customers the highest amount of collagen supplement. Customers can drink it on its own, customise it as a fruit dessert by adding shaved ice or add your own berries and condiments to make a truly unique mocktail creation!

Reflecting the company’s deep-rooted interest in ladies’ health and well-being, these 2 new drinks perfectly complements its 2 other existing collagen drink flavours, Berry Husky (Wild Berry flavour) and Mango Sunshine (Mango flavour); joining the ranks of its signature bottled Bird’s Nest series. Puvay Passionfruit Spring Collagen Drink & Puvay Peach Perfect Collagen Drink will retail at wellnesshut.sg, and will be priced at $7.00 per bottle.

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xoxo, kaitinghearts

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