Sample Store Giftopia - Beauty Keeper Taiwan

Sharing through giving by adding the personal touch, that's what Sample Store's Giftopia event was about. Held at Raffles City, it was a pretty set-up with many beauty booths for us to sample and enjoy.

Bagged home many goodies from Giftopia and I'm here to share a few of them!

Got myself a mini temporary tattoo. Fun while it lasted!

Visited Dawn over at Karmarts! Karmarts is a brand from Thailand, which provides all kinds of beauty products from head to toe, and they have more than 2000 products under a variety of brands to response to all consumers' needs in every beauty section; staying true to their slogan as the 'Unique Beauty Solution'.

Next, I was introduced to a Taiwan brand called Beauty Keeper! Beauty Keeper was founded to bring innovative, novel and award-winning Taiwan beauty products closer to us. Discover your unique beauty attitude and fall in love with homegrown, Taiwanese brands brought to you exclusively in a gorgeous pink box!

Here's featuring some of my goodies from Beauty Keeper!

Because I can't possibly try them all in a short period of time, I've decided to show you the products this way! Please click on the photo for a larger version to read more! Here's featuring the Crisstar Oxygen & Hydrationist Skin Repair as well as the Bravura Whitening & Moisturizing Essence Mask.

YOHO Power's beautyskin18-probiotics-collagen to boost your beauty health for you to stay forever young, as well as SERLANDO's Rosy Pink Moisture Dew!

Camellia's Essential Intensive Hair Oil for creating strong and gorgeous hair. It's natural, pure and even protects the environment with their eco-friendly packing! Evemed Autrlia aurita QQ series of Moisture Jelly Toner, which will keep the essential moisture locked in your skin for much needed hydration! It features skin moisturizing, repairing and soothing.

With their top-notched products, I would really recommend Beauty Keeper as a one-stop solution for ladies to get all their beauty essential products! 

Thank you Sample Store for having us at your Giftopia event! Can't wait for a pampering session at home with all the beauty goodies!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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