Betrothal Gift Ceremony with SK Jewellery

A 过大礼 Betrothal Gift Ceremony is a traditional formal state of engagement where the groom’s family will present gifts to acknowledge the parents’ efforts in raising the bride. By accepting the betrothal gifts, the bride’s family pledges her to the groom.

We had our betrothal gift ceremony held on 1st May, Labour Day. It was a fun day getting into the festive season as we shot a short video as well! #kaitingxSKjewellery

Amongst the betrothal gifts, there is the gift of gold from the mother-in-law to the bride. This piece of wedding jewellery symbolises a welcome into the family, and it’s a way of showing that the bride is in good hands and will always be provided for. As such, I am very happy that my mother-in-law got this set of 四点金 for me!

This beautiful set is from SK Jewellery’s exclusive Xifu (囍福) Collection, skillfully & intricately crafted with 999 pure gold. My piece showcases the Phoenix (Queen of Birds), & Peony (Queen of Flowers) paired together to symbolize wishes for the bride to be noble and virtuous. As I’m stepping in to another phase in life, there’s nothing else I would rather receive as a gift of blessing from my mother-in-law!

These are the gifts that my mum gave back to us, known as the 嫁妆 or dowry. Many pretty red matching items including cups, bowls and spoons, bedroom slippers and face towels. My mum also got the baby bathtub for us to have many babies in the future! I also love the cute bedsheets for our 安床 matrimonial bed setup ritual.

Two of the main red packets I received that day. The one on the left is my 聘金 or 'bride price' which is given by Ken's parents to my parents because I will be marrying into their family.

This is the red list on the right of the above photo, which is a traditional way of inviting the bride to the groom's house. It was used in the olden times as a prestigious invitation to invite the bride up the sedan to the groom's home.

Have you got your own unique love story to share? SK Jewellery is searching for the inspiring love story presented in a creative way to win a bespoke 999 pure gold 四点金 Si Dian Jin designed and inspired by the couple themselves!

Get creative and submit your love story to SK Jewellery either in the form of a picture, video or illustration. Share a post on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #SKjewellery #StoryofLove and you’re all set! Submissions end on 28 August 2017. All the best!

Here's our short video, beautifully shot by Silverskye Productions, the official videographer for #kentingweds!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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