#KenTingWeds Solemnization & Dance Party

Our day was magical; from the beautiful location to the beautiful people and the beautiful night of fireworks and a fun night of dancing. We're glad our loved ones enjoyed their time spent with us!

As we happily walked back down the aisle with our marriage certificate in our hands, let's revisit the touching moment when we exchanged our vows.

Our first shot at Sentosa! Alan had another good idea of shooting our car shots in the carpark itself. I think the shots all turned out super nice!

Car is rented from Advance Limousine! I was still in my kua from our tea ceremony before.

Our ring shots. My heart-shaped engagement ring is from Sookee Jewellery and our wedding bands are from SK Jewellery.

Table set-up by Te Planner, photo album from Glory Workz, canvas print and guest book from Artisan Prints! I wrote about Glory Work and Artisan Prints HERE. Erica from Te Planner even gifted us with a photo frame filled with blue rose petals. Super thoughtful!

Professional photo-booth services including GIF files, by Cheese Effects! Read my review about them HERE.

Our solemnization set-up over at iFly Singapore's Sky Garden, the dream place we wanted to hold our big day at because of the beautiful view!

His and Hers signage provided by Te Planner!

A few pictures with the sword-bearers before our guests arrive.

The stars of the day!

With the people who lovingly brought us up.

Quelic Packs, my clique of girlfriends since 12 years old. Glad we've stuck together since, and thank you girls for my second Hen's Night!

My family! My grandpa look so cute with his hat right!

Daddy walking me down the aisle. I was SO NERVOUS before this because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish my vows if I start crying. Plus there were so many people watching I felt so stressed all of a sudden! My heart was beating SO FAST.

Ken was waiting for me at the end of the aisle and when he saw me approaching with my dad, his face was already like this HAHA. This is the "trying hard not to cry" face. He said he was already feeling so overwhelmed with love. :')

Our solemnizer Dr Patrick Liew, who also happens to be our big boss from HSR International Realtors. He said that this is the prettiest and nicest location where he has declared a couple man and wife, yay!

First he asked us a series of questions to which we replied "I do" and then we exchanged our rings.

Slotting the ring in Ken's fat fingers!

Then, we proceeded with our own vows which we wrote. Ken started first, and he already choked back tears before he even started speaking.

That of course brought tears to my own eyes as well.

As last minute as we both were, we only started writing our vows on the previous days, and had to squeeze in our vow-writing amidst running our last-minute errands. Ken told me he only took 15 minutes to write his because it was very heartfelt and just came directly to his mind. I on the other hand, TOOK AT LEAST AN HOUR because I didn't know what to include! I had to google, "how should I write my vows" and went to read some articles for inspiration.

There are so many things to thank this man for; how am I supposed to choose what to include in a one-minute speech? I decided to start with how we met, and our first date which meant the world to me because it was the start of us getting to know each other. Then I ended with my promises to him for life. :)

Ken started with saying how I'm a part of his every life and the many roles I play. He also said that he's thankful everyday that I'm in his life. :)

Penning down my signature to be tied to this man for life. Looking at the way he looks at me, I know I'm in good hands. :')

Our happy faces because we are finally legally married!

Dr Patrick Liew announced, "You may kiss your bride."

Here's the live video of our solemnization process! Yes you'll get to hear our vows too.

Group shot with our groomsmen and bridesmaids! Groomsmen tie and pocket square from The Little Link, and bridesmaids dresses from Le Voeu. You can quote 'KAITING10' for 10% off items from The Little Link!

Love the set-up and the view!

Cake and champagne pouring set-up for the night!

Always making me laugh, this man. He also said, "Today I'm the most victorious man because I married the love of my life."

My typical pose. I think I said "I love you all!" to all my family and friends!

This was the long-awaited moment of the fireworks! These fireworks were from the Wings of Time by the way. We just happened to be nicely situated to get a nice picture! Hahaha.

After that our groomsmen and bridesmaids surprised us with a speech! This is Chin Rong, Ken's good friend for a long long time since their good old days in secondary school. He talked about how Ken taught him how to treat girls, and how to be patient (we all laughed at this because Ken is NOT patient HAHAHA) and how Ken really likes steady friends!

Jeanette, my best friend for 12 years, also dedicated a speech for me. She mainly talked about how I'm a cry baby cause I cry so easily (hey I'm empathatic!) and how she hopes that Ken will not make me cry too much in our future together.

They gave us a speech to remember indeed.

Next, as an impromptu game to finish the cupcakes, our emcees for the night (Bryan and Chin Rong) decided to make us play, 'Who Finishes the Cupcake First'!

Of course the girls won!

Ken said, from morning (gatecrash) until night, regardless of whatever he do, he will still lose; so he just smacked the cupcake on his face! What a joke this man! Everyone roared with laughter and the Ken's representatives proceeded to have their girlfriends smash the cupcakes on their face also as punishment. Hahaha!

After this, Ken and his Hokkien-loving friends took to the stage to belt out some Hokkien tunes in loud (thankfully in tune) voices to get the disco party started!

Then we put up a surprise performance of the Thriller dance!

Adding in a tinge of commando flavour at the end. 

Here's our dance performance live!

Then the real party begins!

We had a ball of FUN dancing to all the club songs and Ken was leading the mass dance! He was drunk and he anyhow think of dance moves hahaha.

After this, we actually took the train to Marriott because the car was too full of the sword-bearers' uniforms, my gowns, our photo album, guest book, many many miscellaneous stuff! We tried to get a Uber/Grab ride but the surge was so high on a Saturday night that we gave up waiting. There was a long queue for taxis as well. Thus we took the skytrain out to VivoCity before heading to the train station to take train to Orchard! Felt like a runaway bride taking public transport on my big day HAHA!

Really love this picture of us taken by Flairfolio Photography! The photos in this post are shot by Alan Ng Photography and Flairfolio Photography.

Here's the video of our wedding highlights as shot and edited by Silverskye Productions. Mention my name and you'll be able to get $100 off any of their packages!

Thank you everyone for joining us on our big day! Hop over to my next post for our banquet activities! Behind the scenes video snippets can be viewed on my Dayre post HERE.

Read more about #kentingweds below.

For more photos, view the full albums on my Facebook profile, or click on the links below.

Special thanks to our wedding partners:
Face & Body: Expressions
Manicure: Twenty Nails

Bridal Gold: SK Jewellery
Balloons & Party Essentials: MistyDaydream
Banquet props: 3D Props Singapore

Flush mount wedding album: Glory Workz Premium Album + Book
Canvas print & guest book: Artisan Prints
Solemnization Photo booth: Cheese Effects Photobooth
Music Band: Pillars Of Sound

Bridesmaids Dresses: Le voeu
Bridesmaids invitation cards: Miraculove
Bridal robe: P Werkshop
Groomsmen Bowtie: The Little Link

Gatecrash & Solemnization photography: Alan Ng Photography
Solemnization 2nd photographer: Flairfolio Photography
Banquet photography: Pentagraphy Studios
Banquet 2nd photographer: Joashxlee Photography
Videographer: Silverskye Productions

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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