#KenTingWeds Banquet - Celebrating Our Union

This is the last post for #kentingweds and I hope you've enjoyed readying my posts as much as I've enjoyed writing them! It was not easy to rush out all these posts before we head off to our honeymoon, but I knew I had to do it for you!

Our lunch banquet was held on 14th May on a Sunday afternoon at Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. We had a military march-in as well, and had about 500 guests.

Photo album table set-up by Te Planner! Erica even gifted us a customized photo frame with falling blue petals and it's so pretty! The board with our wedding hashtag is also done by Te Planner.

Giant block letters set-up by 3D Props! I received efficient replies from them, and I would highly recommend them for your events and occasions to add to the decor of the place.

Photo booth was set-up by Grand Pixel! They have a wide variety of props for you to spice up your photos! They also provide unlimited high-quality 4R prints in plastic sheets. 

This pretty photo-frame was also customized by them and I really like it! Check them out as they have the best rates in town!

My hair and makeup was done by Sylvia from Farfalla Perlata! She's really nice and experienced, and she prettified me exactly how I wanted to be! Being kind and gentle, she gave me a very comfortable vibe and it was reassuring to have my makeup done by her. Slyvia also provides really reasonable rates for her makeup services which I think all bride-to-bes can check out!

Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel ballroom set-up complete. We chose the 'Enchanting Eden' theme with blue and white flowers!

Our emcees for the day, Meixi and Henry. Both of them are also officers of the Singapore Armed Forces! A lot of our guests commented that Henry's mandarin was very fluent; it was later when we revealed that he's actually a DJ with YES 933! Henry also happened to be both our primary school friend. :)

Starting the military march-in. For simplicity sake and to not make the guys confused, we used the same song so that the beat is easier for them to catch!

All-ready for our grand entrance! 6 to 12 sword bearers - usually officers of the same rank as, or lower than, the groom - form the arch of swords. For us, we had 8 sword bearers! 

I was feeling so excited to walk in because I know all eyes will be on us! Is my bridal gold jewellery striking?

Contrary to thoughts about yellow gold and wedding gowns, I’m really glad that the Si Dian Jin 四点金 from SK Jewellery, gifted by my mother-in-law, perfectly complemented my white gown worn during our first march-in!

Wearing this opulent piece made me feel blessed as it reminded me of how our loved ones wholeheartedly showered their love upon us, and how I will be well taken care of in my new family! As I move forward in this new phase of life, it's reassuring to be reminded of the blessings we've received.

After our long day the day before, we were actually super tired and I literally dragged myself up from bed to wash up and let my makeup artist in the hotel room. Luckily Sylvia from Farfalla Perlata was able to cover my dark eye circles and make me look pretty! Makeup does wonders indeed.

Walking under the arch formed by the sword bearers is a symbolic act that signifies safe passage for the newlyweds into their life together.

It is customary for a pair of sword-bearers to block the path by lowering their swords. The path remains blocked until the couple fulfils a demand from the sword-bearers - usually a kiss, or carrying the bride down the aisle. For us, it was to kiss as long as our guests were satisfied!

Going up stage to cut the cake! Do you know what's the meaning of cake-cutting?

The groom will place his hand over the bride and in a way help her in slicing the first piece. The meaning of the groom having his hand over his bride means his support over his bride while the bride allowing the groom’s hand on top of her means her ability to take care of her new husband and her family. This ritual symbolizes their commitment to provide for each other, and contains the meaning of good luck and fortune.

After that we came down from the stage to enjoy our food! Marriott has specially plated two plates for the two of us, so that we don't have to snatch from the rest of our family at the table. The lady in charge of the banquet was also very attentive to my needs and she's always somewhere near me. Kudos to great service at the 5-star hotel Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel!

While we were enjoying the food, this video that Ken made himself, played in the background. Have a look at it because it's not the typical slideshow; it's pretty funny! And sweet. :)

Photos here taken by our friend Joash from Joashxlee Photography! He also took our pre-wedding shots in Perth!

Second march-in! By the way, did you notice that my head band is lit up? ;)

Ken's full suit including bowtie, cummerbund and pocket square is done by SuitYourself Singapore. They provide affordable tailored suits which is a really good choice if you're on a budget! 

Champagne pouring session! The pouring of champagne symbolizes wealth and the overflowing of love. Champagne is also used in many celebratory occasions.

A nuptial toast for everlasting marital bliss.

Then it's time for the wedding toast! Our immediate families and close friends came up stage to lead the loud 'YAM SENG'! There are a total of 3 toasts.

The first toast to us is for both of us treasure one another and live happily ever after. The second toast is to start a family with many children in our lives ahead. The last toast is to wish everyone great health and good fortune!

Always trying to hold back tears every time we talk about family. It's amazing what our parents have provided for us, don't you think so?

We kept our speech short and sweet, by thanking everyone necessary. We have so many people to thanks as well for making our wedding possible. Especially our bridesmaids, groomsmen and sword bearers who have worked tirelessly with us whenever we needed help. THANK YOU! Ending off our speech with a high!

Our happy faces for the happy occasion! Official photographer for the day was David from Pentagraphy Studios!

My handsome victorious man! After this he had so much fun with his commando brothers doing their "push-turn-rollover" outside the ballrooms MULTIPLE TIMES hahaha. Check out my Dayre post HERE for the video!

The last segment of the day: thanking all our guests. I would also like to thank all of you, my readers, for always being so supportive and following up in all our wedding activities! Do feel free to drop me an email if you have any wedding-related questions and I'll be more than happy to help!

Thank you everyone for joining us in celebrating our union! Behind the scenes video snippets can be viewed on my Dayre post HERE.

Read more about #kentingweds below.

For more photos, view the full albums on my Facebook profile, or click on the links below.

Special thanks to our wedding partners:
Face & Body: Expressions
Manicure: Twenty Nails

Bridal Gold: SK Jewellery
Balloons & Party Essentials: MistyDaydream
Banquet props: 3D Props Singapore

Flush mount wedding album: Glory Workz Premium Album + Book
Canvas print & guest book: Artisan Prints
Solemnization Photo booth: Cheese Effects Photobooth
Music Band: Pillars Of Sound

Bridesmaids Dresses: Le voeu
Bridesmaids invitation cards: Miraculove
Bridal robe: P Werkshop
Groomsmen Bowtie: The Little Link

Gatecrash & Solemnization photography: Alan Ng Photography
Solemnization 2nd photographer: Flairfolio Photography
Banquet photography: Pentagraphy Studios
Banquet 2nd photographer: Joashxlee Photography
Videographer: Silverskye Productions

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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