Infin8 Wellness Convention - Experience Yourself Today

A wellness convention just to pamper ourselves? How can anyone say no to that? So I jumped at the opportunity to attend Infin8 Wellness Convention, Singapore's first experiential wellness event for women!

Happy and shy (can you see that my face was so red) and I managed to take a picture with the handsome Elvin Ng! The convention passes were free, there were many good deals which were snapped up hungrily, and I had loads of fun!

The Infin8 program is initiated by a group of Singapore psychologists who encounters women of all races, across family and economic background but all shares the same stigma of being bogged down by depression and other mental conditions.

In our modern society today, women are often very busy with their lives and careers that we seldom have time to sit back, relax and actually enjoy life! On top of taking care of household matters like babysitting and educating their kids, women also have to get busy with their work. Thus, events like this Infin8 Wellness Convention really helps women to destress and experience themselves!

Themed Experience Yourself Today, women got to pamper themselves with free beauty workshops and trending fitness classes. Pick up a hobby, learn a handicraft, try a fitness regime or just chill and listen to local celebrities share their wellness tips and beauty secrets!

We got to experience the infinite pampering of our minds, bodies and health with Infin8's wellness partners, alongside great deals and sampling packages. The Tarte mini palette was snapped up at only $18! Plus I also enjoyed a free massage and learnt about pole dancing through a basics class. Definitely enriching!

Ladies also got to participate in intimate dialogues with local celebrities and inspiring women. Cheryl Wee, local actress and founder of Cheryl W Wellness & Weight Management, also shared about how women of today juggle with their numerous roles and expectations. Girl power go!

Through outreach programs including free experiential workshops, sharing sessions by industry experts and community engagements, Infin8 aims to empower all women to live their lives to the fullest. We all deserve a smile don't we? Inifin8 definitely made lots of ladies smile during their Infin8 Wellness Convention!

Lastly, I want to introduce you to a program that rewards you for pursuing an active lifestyle, the Infin8 Club! Earn points for reviewing social media content, attend a wellness workshop or even refer a friend to the community. No spending required, always. Register today and receive 50 Infin8 points!

Join the Infin8 community – reach out to the busy women of today and empower them for the women of tomorrow.

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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