Cleo x Kate Spade Saturday Party

Attended a party at Kate Spade Saturday with my beauty blogger friend Zuoyi on (obviously) a Saturday!

They have a prettily-decorated photobooth for us to take photos!!! So awesome hehe. Being a Cleo magazine supporter, Zuoyi got the invitation asked if I would like to go along with her to this private party and of course I said yes! Who wouldn't, especially when it's Kate Spade Saturday, a young trendy brand! 

Saturday is one of my favourite days of the week!!! 

Upon stepping into the store and registering, we were greeted by pretty stickers! For us to decorate our cone hats hehe. Zuoyi and I just took a few hearts and stick it wherever hahaha.

Our photobooth photos!! 

Audience looking on as Kate Spade's fashion stylist talks to us in a small presentation.

Both Zuoyi and I were approached by the staff to help them with their style presentation! I have no fashion/beauty style and so head over to Zuoyi's blog post HERE to see what she has to say about the style of clothes they chose for us hahaha.  

Zuoyi and her favourite skinny jeans. I hate jeans cause my thighs so fat!! I wear jeans like bao ba zhang. 

 Trying on the cute blocky square dress!!

Our gift for helping out with the mini fashion presentation!!!! So awesome!! hehehe.

It was so much fun! Thank you Zuoyi for asking me along I had so much fun!! Can't wait for more parties and events like these to attend together!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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