Hungry Heroes

December is the season of giving and... EATING!!!

Went to Hungry Heroes with Ken and it was such a prettily-decorated place with good food as well!

Hungry Heroes is situated at 33 Tessensohn Road, Singapore. Their opening hours are 4pm - 12am on weekdays, 11am - 12am on Saturdays and 11am - 11pm on Sundays & public holidays. If you're heading down, be sure to contact them at 6295 5401 to make a reservation because most of the time they're packed!

Ken and I walked in because we didn't have time to make a reservation and luckily we had a seat but had to finish our meal in half an hour because there was a reservation at our table and there were no other available tables. We did enjoy our meal though!

Here's my handsome chauffeur acting being cool. Parallel parking lots are available along the roadside (remember to put coupons)!

Entrance of the restaurant!

Many many boxed up superhero figurines.

 View from the second floor. Their top floor is superbly decorated with many superheroes! Google for more photos if you're interested, I didn't really take many!

View from the cashier/counter.

Went up to take photos before our food is ready! This life-sized captain America figurine is very nice to take pictures with!


Ken always look cool and handsome while posing for photos while me on the other hand...

LOOK LIKE A RETARD!! I am a retard!! Don't know why/how Ken CAN love me.

We had the Nice to Meat You platter and with chicken, beef and pork wheeee ALL THE MEAT yum yum!! I love the sweet corn also! We had a choice of mushroom, black pepper or their heroes sauce for the steak and we chose the heroes sauce (garlic and chili or something like that I forgot) because since we're here might as well try their own sauce! It was a good choice! Oh and you can check out their menu HERE.

The place is big as well, easily accommodating big groups, so it's really convenient to hold gatherings here! I would definitely come back again! Thank you my handsome chauffeur for bringing me here and treating me to good food! (:

xoxo, katinghearts

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