Domino's Pizza Christmas Party

Hello hello! Love December because that's when all the Xmas party and fun comes!

Was invited by The Influencer Network and Domino's Pizza to attend their Christmas and year-end appreciation party!!! Had so much fun eating and playing games! As Domino's Pizza would like to thank everybody for a great 2014, they'll be giving a 50% off ALL PIZZAS! (take-away/dine-in only, valid till 11th January 2015)

Festive colours and atmosphere!!! Domino's Pizza strives to enhance value for all pizza lovers with new and exciting promotions! During the year-end season (like NOW), they understand that it is the time of the year for families and friends to get together for gatherings. Thus this 50% off all pizzas is timely as it offers customers amazing value for money suitable for year-end treats with their loved ones. 

Helium balloons everywhere so awesome! Who doesn't love balloons? (my dog Lucky hates them cause he gets a shock every time one bursts HAHA he had a bad experience during my birthday last year hahaha)

TIN's founder Dennis Toh talking to us!
Giving y'all some more details about Domino's Pizza!
Did you know that Domino's brings 4 key unique selling prepositions (USP) to its customers? 
1. 30-minute delivery gaurantee, 15-minute takeout gaurantee
2. Product satisfaction guarantee (pizza not hot enough? exchange it for a new one!)
3. Free delivery
4. Nett pricing

We were split into two groups, and our first game of the night was to dress up a blogger as a Christmas tree!

Scotch tape girl that night hahaha.

We chose the handsome Gerald as our tree!!

Especially love the snowflakes hehehe!

All cameras out in action!!!

Our very own blogger Christmas trees! Hehehe. Featuring Jem in green and Gerald in red! 

Selfie with our nicely decorated tree!

With my favourite pretty Tricia! A lot of people say we look alike cause of our big eyes! hehehe.

We won the best tree decoration yay!!

Selfies with Tricia, Tricia's sister Rachel and Vivian

TIME FOR FOOD!!! (highlight of the evening HAHAHA)  

But first, photos... 

What a spread! My tummy approves! 

Few more gifts from Domino's!

After filling our tummies, it was back to game time! Here's Hong Peng as our leader in our next game, creating a Domino's Pizza cheer! 

Our cheer goes in the tune of jingle bells!

"Domino, domino, I love domino
Buy from us 50% off hey
Domino domino domi all the way"
AND I FORGOT oops hahaha but it was accompanied by Gerald's beatboxing and our group won the game again! 

And we had to carry these bears and go outside to the road and sing the song HAHAHA so paiseh but so fun also!!! 

Some selfies, with Crane!

 More pictures with the Domino's Christmas tree! Hehe. Picture cr: The Influencer Network.

The power of love makes me so happy haha and that's why I smile until so nice (caption by Ken) hahaha.

Picture cr: Jem!
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Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ahead!!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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  1. An awesome christmasy time with you babe at the party!!!