Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga

Singapore School of Meditation & Yoga (SSMY) is dedicated to improving the physical and spiritual well-being of adults and children through the practice and teachings of Bhakti yoga. 

Just a few days ago, I was invited to the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga for their bloggers' night. SSMY is conveniently located at 54B Tras Street, #03-01.

While they stress on the physical aspect of yoga asana practices, they also very much focus on the most important aspect of yoga, which is the development of self-realization (a person's understanding of one's real identity as spirit and his/her relationship with the Supreme Spirit).

Asked Zuoyi if she would like to accompany me down to this newly opened yoga studio in town, and she she said ok! (: 

Cozy studio place! 

 We were taught the basic art of meditation, and also gifted with beads. There was even music being played on the guitar at one of the final stages of meditation, accompanying the chants.

SSMY has this meditation service every Monday, so do contact them to sign up now!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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