Insadong Korean Town

If you're a lover of Korean food like me, you'd definitely not want to miss this!

Insadong Korean Town is situated at Resort World Sentosa, and you can savour the best authentic Korean food in Korean traditional setting! First such korean themed restaurant in Singapore!

For the first time in Singapore, you can look forward to dining in a setting which is a replica of the famous Insadong Korea Street, one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul, and also the focal point of Korean traditional cuisine, culture and crafts.

Because the geographical location of Korea is near China and Japan, the origins of Korean food can be found in both countries as well. Thus there is Korea-Chinese food, basically serving food like zajiangmian all those!

Then of course all the kimchi, rice cake and all over here at the Korean authentic stall. With a team of experienced chefs specializing in authentic Korean recipes brought in from Korea, and food supplied air flown direct from Korean, Insadong Korean Town presents a unique dining experience for anyone expecting the best from the Korean culture.

Third section featuring Japanese and Western food.

 Enjoy an assortment of over 200 types of authentic Korean food!

Roasted pig from Spain!

Large variety of street food.

Enjoying authentic Korean food in Korean traditional setting makes for a good ambience.

First two dishes: Korean pancake and spicy rice cake! The Korean pancake tastes good, but I felt the rice cake was a bit too spicy for me (but then again, my spice tolerance level is so low haha) but it is definitely spicier than average. It's still yummy though!

Ginseng chicken soup! We tasted it and thought hey it's quite bland? Then we realized that all the ingredients were INSIDE the chicken and we had to break open the chicken and mix everything together hahaha! So we did that and it the ginseng and rice hidden inside the chicken immediately made the soup much tastier!

We added in milk as well, and it was almost a completely different taste! I liked it better with the milk hehe super yummy soup!

Enjoying our meal.

Bossam! I started drooling when I saw the meat HAHA but the meat was so thick, tough and hard to chew! After getting past chewing the meat, it was a good dish.

Wrapping everything up and stuffing it unglamorously in my mouth. Slurps. Btw, I also love their kimchi! Not too sour or spicy, just nice taste, and Gail loves it too!

Xiao long bao aka xlb!!

This is so nice!! First time trying xlb in kimchi soup! Looks so spicy right, but it's actually not! As I mentioned, my spice tolerance level is so low, so when I say it's not really spicy it's really not hahaha. This was so good, my favourite xlb combined with tasty kimchi soup!!!

Pumpkin spaghetti!

This dish have to be eaten while hot and fresh! Unfortunately, I went to the toilet when this was served and got lost (oops) so when I came back it was already cold and sticky! But it was still yummy when I ate it hehe. Thumbs up for this pumpkin spaghetti!

Mushroom beef bulgogi hotpot!! LOOK AT THAT MOUNTAIN!

The Korean chef came to mix it for us and she was like a celebrity that night as everyone crowded around our table to take photos and videos of her! Hehe.

This was good! One of my favourite dishes! Yummy beef with tongfen and lots of other ingredients in delicious soup!

Beef bulgogi baked rice. Thought this was too dry and bland.

Red bean pancakes! To be honest when this dish came, it looked so unappetizing and I was already so full from all the dishes before that I didn't even felt like eating it. But Ken told me that it's nice so I took a bite and ended up getting second helpings because IT'S REALLY GOOD! Even though I'm not a fan of red bean I still found this super yummy!


This was so good cause the watermelon was sweet! I don't like alcohol so one bottle of soju was enough for me, but for the guys like Ken, they prefer mixing more alcohol in the watermelon. It's up to individual preferences actually, as to how much soju/alcohol is to be added in the watermelon.

Jem, Ken and Dennis getting more servings of the yummy watermelon soju!

Talking happily with my stomach already satisfied hehehe.

Dessert time! Jcone! Authentic because Insadong Korean Town is the first (and only, for now) restaurant to obtain the license and importanted the authentic machine from Korea!

With dessert and my handsome man.

Mixed fruits shaved ice. Looks so pretty! I'm not a fruits-lover so I didn't like this as much as the Jcone haha. It's just lots of fruits and plain shaved ice.

But still, a picture with the pretty dessert!

Last minute selfie with Crane and Christine before we left!

I had a great time at Insadong Korean Town food tasting, along with The Influencer Network! Do visit soon if you're a lover of Korean food; you won't be disappointed! Also can go after a fun day in Sentosa! I would recommend Madame Tussaud's wax museum and the popular Trick Eye museum!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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