GetKlarity First Community Meet-Up

Here's a short post introducing... GetKlarity! I'm also happy to announce that I'm officially onboard the GetKlarity team as an ambassador! Do look out for my articles next time on the GetKlarity magazine as well as here. 

 Here's a selfie taken at GetKlarity's first community meet-up!

GetKlarity is a beauty and wellness app on both web & mobile that allows you to luxuriate in some much-needed ‘me-time’ anytime, anywhere. Discover available appointments at top spas and salons by location, enjoy exclusive promotions, and book seamlessly via the GetKlarity app in real-time.

What is GetKlarity?

GetKlarity is Singapore’s leading beauty and wellness app for you to book the best spas and salons at exclusive prices. In less than 6 months since the launch of, they have attracted over 20,000 beauty lovers! 

The name started out simple: the GK team wants to build a platform providing honest reviews, and wants clarity on the services provided by the beauty spas as well as reviews.

This was the poster for GetKlarity's first community meet-up! Very pretty right? Done by Yina!

As Yina, GetKlarity's Editor-in-Chief shares:

"Anyone agrees with me that booking appointments for all these beauty and wellness related services can be a pain in the ass? For me, it is cause I like to squeeze as many appts in as possible in one day! So yesterday I did my hair followed by brows back to back. Would have booked my lashes on the same day too if I could but [it] wasn’t available till Friday. It’s really troublesome cos I have to call/text all of my service providers to check for their available slots and then go back and forth.

What if there was an app that allows you to not just book all your beauty and wellness appointments via app (hair, facial, spa, nails, lashes, brows and all that) but also allows you to discover new beauty and wellness services near your location in real time, with time-based promotions and offers?

Ok you can start getting all excited now cos this is exactly what GetKlarity is all about! An app that allows you to discover and experience beauty and wellness, in real time.

Apart from booking at your regular salons easily via app, you can look for services located near you, wherever you are! Have two hours to spare in town before your dinner appointment? Just use GetKlarity app to locate top-rated beauty and wellness services near you and book directly through the app!"

Here's Joelle, the co-founder of GetKlarity, telling us about the vision she has for GetKlarity, and how she started the idea for this. She talks about how she feels that 'feeling good is easy', and how feeling good will make us confident about ourselves. It's really inspiring how Joelle and the other co-founders managed to grow GetKlarity to where they are today: with thousands reading their GetKlarity magazine and with hundreds of specially-selected spas onboard with them; all with the mission to provide us with curated services to fit into our busy schedules.

Yina Goh, founder of The Velvet Dolls apparel store, also spoke to us and told us about her life stories. She told us about how she felt fat and ugly last time, and how people make fun of the way she talk. Yet, look where she is today!!! Successful influencer leading a popular online apparel store, also an entrepreneur! These ladies really inspire me.

 With the other GetKlarity ambassadors! So awesome to have met them that day.

Thank you Joelle, Yina, as well as the rest of the GetKlarity team (especially Sher Yun too!) for warmly welcoming me! It's my pleasure to be onboard GetKlarity alongside these amazing ladies!

Stay tuned to my posts on GetKlarity and my own space here!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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