Mount-garita & Baby Back Ribs @ Crossroads Cafe

Crossroads Cafe @ Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is launching awesome new stuff in their menu starting from this month!

Here I have with me the awesome strawberry MOUNT-GARITA! Check out THIS PAGE for their promotions! 

Looks so good right? It's really yummy! Available daily at Crossroads Cafe at just $60 per glass.

Double the height, triple the width, and the equivalent of five times your usual margarita, Mount-garita is the margarita to order for the brave. For the less adventurous, share the Mount-garita with your friends and sip on leisurely together, while watching the world pass by.

Available in three flavours: Strawberry, lime and mango! 

Crusty white baguette with premium hotdogs, topped with sauerkraut and mayonnaise.

May to August 2015 | Monday to Thursday | 5.30PM - 6.30PM 
Enjoy unlimited gourmet hot dogs with any one order of alcoholic beverage at Crossroads Cafe’s main bar counter. (Subject to availability)

Enjoy many different flavours of delicious, tender baby back ribs specials, at S$38++ each. All ribs are served with corn on cob & coleslaw. These baby back ribs will be available on the menu From July to August, so visit Crossroads Cafe before August ends!

 Teriyaki glazed baby back ribs, one of my favourite! Because I love teriyaki sauce hehehe.

Hot & spicy chili baby back ribs. Everyone ranked this as number 1!! I didn't try because I cannot eat spicy food, but everyone else said it's very delicious. If you love spicy food, it's a must-try!

Satay-marinated baby back ribs. All the ribs are yummy, well-marinated and well-cooked, which explains the tenderness of the meat!

Black pepper baby back ribs. Ken's favourite! Every flavour is someone's favourite, so when you head down just order your favourite flavour and enjoy!

Maple glazed baby back ribs: this may look ordinary but OH MY it's my no.1 favourite of the lot!!! Not too sweet, just enough maple flavour to enjoy the succulent meat. Thumbs up!

Enjoying our large Mount-garita!!! Perfect for a night out with friends just to drink and chill!

Thank you Crossroads Cafe for the wonderful dinner, we had such a good time!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


  1. Strawberry is a delicious food item. Any food with strawberry flavour is more delicious. Thanks for this post.