The Search for True Love Musical

Ex-Mediacorp artiste Peter Yu will play a forgiving dad, along popular artistes like Xiahui and Wallace Ang in the upcoming musical production ‘The Search for True Love’.

Happy to get a photo with one of the main stars of this play, Wallace Ang the DJ from Love 97.2FM!

The cast at the media launch.

This play will be Yu’s second stage play, after a ten-year break from full-time acting. The production, managed by New Strings Ministry, will explore the notions of love, kinship and forgiveness. Peter Yu’s son, played by Mediacorp Radio Love 97.2FM’s DJ Wallace Ang, will face his greatest tribulation as he dabbles into some untouched boundaries. Set in the 70s, theatre patrons will get a chance to relive the iconic settings of popular hang-out places like the Kopi-Tiam and Cabaret.

Liza Foong, Director and Producer from New String Ministry commented ‘It has been a rough journey putting this stage play together. The actors and crew are not exactly full-time performers. However, we were able to put our act together simply because of the cause we believe; Love trescends everything and we hope to share with our audience about its importance.

Peter Yu, a freelance artiste and taxi-driver said ‘I am indeed very honored to be invited to be part of this musical production. The story, in a way, parallels my life as I was also given a second chance after my wrongdoings. This is my second time dabbling myself into stage acting and I must say I am loving every bit of it. I hope Singaporeans will give me another chance to watch me on this set and understand more about love and life as a whole’.

The play will also feature Dennis Toh, founder of The Influencer Network as well as Feet Haven! He will be dancing and singing which I really look forward to seeing! Hahaha. Do support and buy tickets to watch ok? It will be a touching story.

A sneak peek at some of the photos taken during their rehearsal, from their Facebook page.

I can't wait to see how the final production play will be like! I hope I don't drop tears because I get so emotional so easily.

Details about ‘The Search for True Love’ 
Date: 26th July 2015, Sunday
Venue: National Library, Drama Centre Theatre
Address: 3rd Floor National Library, 100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064
Time: 7.30pm

Tickets are available in $48, $58, $68, $88, $100
Buy your tickets now through hotline:
+65 98230100

Join me in catching this play, see you at Drama Centre Theatre on the 26th July!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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