Water Venture at PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay

Introduced in 2013, People’s Association Water Venture Discovery Series aims to let Singaporeans appreciate the wildlife and vegetation along the country's waterways, and I had so much fun experiencing it!

PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay is a BCA Green Mark Platinum & Universal Design award eco-friendly building with green features and is strategically located along the Marina Reservoir, the centre boosts of an iconic view of a world-class skyline.

We really had a good time kayaking 10km (YES TEN KILOMETRES OMG) along the Marina coastline, admiring the spectacular view of Singapore's well-known buildings.

It was really really tiring, kayaking under the hot hot sun. Especially for Ken who had to kayak doubly hard to catch up with the rest because I was the only girl. It was worth it though, we really enjoyed getting a healthy tan and getting an awesome view of all the attractions at Marina Bay!

Life-jackets on, sun block and tanning oil on, it's time to hit the waters!

This integrated community lifestyle and water sports hub is more than just a community centre that specialises in water sports. Residents can enjoy a wide spectrum of lifestyle programmes ranging from terrarium making, coffee appreciation workshop to roller blading courses. Of course, residents also have access to the usual services such as facilities rental as well.

While at PAssion WaVe, residents can also visit the Eco-Garden has over 10 different trees and plants that are home to various bird and butterfly species. Through the Edu-Trail, residents can learn more about our environment and how they can play their part in conservation efforts.

For water sports, PAssion WaVe offers more than just the usual kayaking, dragon boating and bell boating. They also customise unique Lifestyle Programmes such as ‘Singapore Story By the Bay’ where residents can learn about Singapore history as they kayak across the scenic Marina Bay as well as ‘Kayak And Clean’ where residents can pick up litter and take care of our environment while enjoying their favourite sport.

Smiling happily for a shot in front of Marina Bay Sands hotel.

Did not lie when I talked about the magnificent view! We kayaked beside Gardens by the Bay as well. So awesome! Okay now that I'm almost done with the photos, let's take a look at what else PAssion WaVe at @ Marina Bay has to offer!

Interesting Facts about PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay

Shaped like a leaf when viewed from above, PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay have the largest quantity of dragon boats (10 crew and 20 crew) as well as bell boats which is exclusive to them in Singapore.

Kontiki from the Handlebar Group (Handlebar is the ulu restaurant at Sembawang!) will be opening their outlet within their premise in August. This unique bikers centric restaurant and bar allow patrons to enjoy alfresco dining while savouring the gorgeous view of Singapore’s marina. Other than the restaurant, residents can also look forward to a new café and gym too! I can't wait to head back to check out the new cafe! Stay tuned to my blog post on that ya?

If you are looking for a venue to hold discussions, retreats or host an event, PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay has plenty of spaces available for your considerations. 

At the Conference Room, a group of Water Venture Grassroots Committee volunteers were finishing a mosaic lego piece that will be displayed at the outlet. PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay provides functions like your familiar Community Centres where Grassroots Volunteers get residents together to bond over activities and events.

PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay is a BCA Platinum Award Eco Friendly Building!
- Their smart building is able to recycle water from kayak washing to water plants in the building. 
- Their staff creatively introduced specific species of fauna to attract insects and butterflies to increase the bio-diversity around the area. This helps to promote the area to more species of birds. 
- Environmental friendly messages are shared all over the outlet to remind instructors and residents the importance of looking after our environment and promote conservation initiatives like Project Blue Wave.

Marina reservoir is the converging point for all the reservoir in Singapore, so rubbish from the different reservoirs will eventually flow back to marina reservoir. When kayaking, residents are exposed to the seriousness of water cleanliness. 

Water Venture run frequent activities to educate people to go out and clean the coast line and more conscious about their actions and to reduce their carbon footprints. They always advise their participants to bring their own water bottles and not to use plastic bottles as it will also add on to the carbon footprints. Water Venture also works with schools to invite students to come for activities, play games, and get educated on environmental conservation.

Project Blue Wave

Project Blue WaVe is an initiative by PA Water-Venture Committees to bring Singaporeans together and build a sense of ownership of our environment through education on marine biodiversity and environment conservation. It focuses on three key themes; Interconnection, Sustainability & Ownership.

The Project serves to: 
- Engage the community to actively participate in marine life and nature conservation activities. 
- Enhance public awareness and understanding of the importance of marine life and nature conservation through their coastal clean-up activities.
- Connect communities and platforms for bonding amongst NGOs, VWOs, GROs, schools, government agencies and public. 
- Support and organise events, programmes and activities to promote field conservation.

Blue Ripple programme is part of the larger Project Blue WaVe movement which promotes environmental conservation. The 1.5hr bite-sized programme will comprise of ice breaker games and coastal clean-up. 

The objective of this programme is to create awareness on environmental challenges and inculcated easy-to-adopt daily practices to protect our Earth which all linked back lessons to the three key messages on environmental conservation; Interconnection, Sustainability and Ownership.

You can find out more about Project Blue Wave by watching their video HERE.

Reservoir Discovery Series

Reservoir Discovery Series is a platform for beginners and veterans alike, to enjoy the sport from a recreational point of view and go past our understanding of our nation’s water catchment areas for the many other objectives they serve. This series offer 4 unique experience for kayaking enthusiasts.

Jurong Lake 5km – Probably the richest reservoir in terms of biodiversity, Jurong Lake is set amongst a few of Singapore’s landmarks such as the Chinese / Japanese Gardens and the Science Centre. The damming of Sungei Jurong allowed the flourishing of wetlands which now attracts a wide range of wildlife such as the adorable Lineated Barbet, the uncommon Banded Skimmer Dragonfly & even Monitor Lizards which are sometimes mistaken for monster out of a movie! 

Punggol Waterway 6km – This suburban landscape was specifically created to integrate a waterfront feature to estates in the area and offer a green escape for residents. Kayaking through this contemporarily designed river will allow participants to wander through countless overarching bridges and flank them with scenic park views from either side of the bank! 

Lower Seletar Reservoir 8km – Tucked away in the northern reaches of Singapore, this reservoir is one that really goes back to basics and nature. Being one of the oldest reservoirs among the 4 reservoir experiences, Lower Seletar is surrounded by lush greenery and is certainly the most tranquil setting among the lot. A Satellite Earth station, the Seletar airport and a the orchid country golf course are just some of the attractions you can spot along the banks. If you are lucky enough, you might just spot a few of the elusive Smooth-Coated Otters! 

Marina Bay 10km (what I experienced!) – Explore Singapore’s iconic city skyline which includes Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer, Benjamin Sheares Bridge, F1 pit, Singapore Sports hub etc. Explorers get to see and understand the structure and mechanics behind Singapore’s largest man-made reservoir. Regulated by the marina barrage with tributaries which stretch all the way up from turf city and even Bishan, this massive water network has many secrets to help it balance waste management, control water level, restrict vessels and sustain bio-diversity in the area.

Sea Discovery Series

Following the success of the Reservoir Discovery Series, Water Venture introduced the Sea Discovery Series to provide an avenue for recreational kayakers to embark on an expedition & explore the neighbouring islands. Participants who have completed the Reservoir Discover Series can also enjoy different kayaking routes, from Reservoir to Open Sea Setting.

(Participants are required to have at least: (i) 1-Star Kayaking certification; or (ii) attended at least 1 leg of the Reservoir Discovery Series; or (iii) attended a Kayaking Orientation Programme at any of Water-Venture Sea Outlets.) 

Participants get to ride out sea waves and challenge themselves with balancing and perseverance. While appreciating the beautiful coasts along Johor straits, they get to learn basic sea navigation, expedition formations, coastal flora and fauna. Participants will also have the opportunity to get up close and personal to untouched islands such as Coney and Seletar Islands.

a) Sembawang Route (to Seletar Islands) 
- Appreciate beauty of northern coast 
- If lucky, catch nuclear submarines from sembawang naval base just beyond your horizon 
- Enter the famed Seletar island channel where waters are calm and a frequent spot for wake boarders 
-Pass by mangroves systems from the ecologically-rich, seletar area

b) Pasir Ris Route (to Punggol Beach) 
- Have Pulau Ubin at your shoulder to guide you to the north east of Singapore 
- Pass by Pular Serangoon (a.k.a. coney island) and soak in the untouched coast/beach/nature of the island. Towering trees and wildlife hugging the shores.
- Kelongs sprinkled across the route. 

Mangrove Discovery Series

Mangrove Discovery Series is the latest addition to the Discovery Series programmes. Singapore’s land space used to be made up of over 10% in mangroves but this number has dwindled to under a percent in recent decades due to rapid development and reclamation.

Launched this July, the programme will bring participants through mangrove habitats around Singapore - Sungei Simpang, Sungei Api Api, & Khatib Bongsu. 

Other than learning about the history and importance of mangroves for biodiversity to the urban population, participants will get to enjoy the challenge of navigating along Singapore’s coast line, weaving through twisting routes, experience the wide variety of flora and fauna in the mangrove habitat and have lots of fun bonding with fellow participants.

If you have any queries, do check out my page HERE for the list of questions & answers. The PA Water-Venture discovery series is open to everyone. The aim of the programme is to interest and engage all members of the community regardless of the participant skills level or prior experience in kayaking. Prices range only from $15-$30. Participants can register for the PA Water-Venture Discovery Series via https://one.pa.gov.sg/. Search “Discover Series” under “Activity”.

It's a really good sport, regardless of whether you know how to kayak or not. Ken has one star for kayaking while I have none, and we got by the 10km just fine! It wasn't as long as I thought it would be, and it was so much fun! 

So, no more waiting, time to head down to enjoy a day of fun with People's Association Water Venture Discovery Series! Visit their Facebook page HERE for more recent updates and information.

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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