Food Trail @ Tampines 1 Mall

Hello friends! Join me on a food trail in Tampines 1 shopping mall!

Here I am holding on to Awfully Chocolate's delicious trufflettes! Below I'll be showing casing food dishes from the different restaurants I visited, all in Tampines 1.

Thai Express

Thai Express is a bold interpretation of Thai cuisine, from the usual exotic positioning in fine dining restaurants, and communal dining style, no doubt. But, they have been successful as proven in more than 30 restaurants in countries such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore achieved in the past 10 years. Their appeal has now achieved a global standing amongst customers from a myriad of countries.

Thai Express is a local brand which I'm sure most of us will be pretty familiar with. My mum loves Thai Express for their tomyam soup, as do I. However, it was my first time trying this Massaman Chicken Curry with Thai-Style Pancakes, and I'm in love again!!!

I never knew Thai Express had this dish. The curry is cooked overnight to let the flavour of the ingredients be infused with the curry. Thus the curry was really flavourful and yummy! Goes especially well with the pancakes as well. This was also voted no.1 by CNN.

Chicken basil and rice. A tad bit too spicy for me! 

Otah which was also very spicy. 

 Homemade Thai dessert called lod chong! Looks like chendol but it's so much nicer!

I love the green jelly! It's a cooling dessert you can try, apart from the mango sticky rice which every Thai restaurant offers.

Thai Express is located #04-09 & #05-08 in Tampines 1.
Tel: +65 67860998
Operating Hours:  11.30am to 10.30pm
Last order at 9.45pm

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude

Boulangerie Chaude means "hot Bakery" in French. With most of its ingredients and recipes from Japan, Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude promises customers freshly baked breads daily. Check out its mouth watering range of international spread like English bread, French Bread, Japanese snack cakes and Belgium waffle.

 Got to taste bread from Yamazaki and it was pretty good! I'm not a bread expert or anything, but I'm sure everyone prefers soft and fresh bread instead of rock-hard bread. Good for breakfast in the morning or even a snack in the day.

They offer a large variety of cakes as well, along with bread and pastries. 

Yamazaki is located at #B1-14 in Tampines 1.
Tel: +65 62605909
Opening Hours Daily: 10am to 10pm

Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate is a cake shop selling only one cake - a simple dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate fudge. Real cake one could bite into, rich in taste yet moist and light. Not just mouthfuls of mousse or cream. Not overly sweet but something you could eat and not feel disgusted with yourself right after. Something you would find yourself craving for regularly and never tire of.

The delicious chocolate displayed just made me drool even though it's not near my mouth...

Flourless chocolate cake!!

And omg chocolate truffles!!! My favourite cause this melts in the mouth!!!

3 flavours of trufflettes: Café cacao nib, Cacao brittle and Cacao hazelnut trufflettes.

Awfully Chocolate is located at #03-21 at Tampines 1.
Tel: +65 62604248
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

J.CO Donuts & Coffee

J.CO Donuts and Coffee is an international premium Donuts and Coffee brand which offers unique and original mixed flavours of donuts and beverages to people unlike they've ever tasted before.

I'm sure this brand is not new to us, because it has so many outlets here in Singapore!

Are you also up for some frozen yoghurt?

See this Oreo donuts on the right, that's my favourite!!! If  you haven't tried, J.Co donuts are really soft, fluffy and yummy. Whenever I visit J.Co for their donuts, I will always takeaway at least a dozen for breakfast the next day.

Here are the donuts and drinks I tried!!

- Dazzling Queen Donut: Strawberry chocolate with light strawberry cream filling topped with soft coconut flake sprinkles
- Cheese Cakelicious: Oreo Cookies Topping with Cheesecake cream filling (my favourite again, Oreo is awesome!)
- Marble Hazel: Hazelnut Chocolate with Almond toppings

New drinks on their menu: Coconut Mocha Frappe and White Chocolate Espresso! My take: I don't like coconut so it was ok~ the white chocolate was delicious! But a tad bit too sweet.

J.Co Donuts and Coffee is located at #01-08/10 at Tampines 1.
Tel: +65 67819798
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm

Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch is a DIY fast service concept, with more than 200 outlets in Japan and Asia. Pepper Lunch promises a dynamic and fresh culinary experience for everyone by presenting the novel concept of sizzling Steaks, Pastas, Curry Rice, and not forgetting their signature Pepper Rice. All at affordable prices!

This dish is called "The Giant" which is a ribeye steak! 

This is so so yummy! The beef is so tender and juicy, coupled with an awesome sauce. 

Singapore Seafood Pepper Rice with Chili Crab sauce! This is a seasonal special item, which launches 2 July until end of August.

This is so awesome! Even when I cannot take spicy food, I managed quite a bit of this, because it was so delicious! Especially ppl who loves chili crab sauce!

Pepper Lunch is located at #B1-16 in Tampines 1.
Tel: +65 6509 8644
Opening Hours: Sun - Thur (10am-10pm) Fri & Sat (10am – 11pm)


Milkcow is a hand-made, soft ice creamery, originating in Seoul, South Korea. The differentiating factor for Milkcow is that their desserts are healthy, 100% natural, and truly organic. Milkcow uses only organic milk from eco-friendly, IFOAM and HACCP certified, organic farms. Moreover, the Milkcow cows are only fed with grass from the farm’s own cultivated, organic fields. Milkcow takes organic seriously. With 14 different ice cream topping combinations to choose from customers can enjoy a different, delicious experience every time they visit Milkcow.

Look at the wide range of variety you can order from MilkCow! 

This is the cotton candy snow drop flavoured one! Looks cool!

I tried a chocolate flavoured one which was not very nice and tasted weird and bitter. However, I heard that the original flavour (Milky Way) is good, so do try it if you haven't! 

MilkCow is located at #B1-K17 at Tampines 1.
Opening hours: 12pm - 9.30pm

Yummi House

Yummi House is a Singapore-based company with its main trading arm of all natural, unprocessed wild honey and premium handpicked bird's nest. They are dedicated in research and development, sourcing the best and most natural health products from the most primitive environments for their consumers.

Yummi House specializes in Natural Wild Honey as well as Premium Handpicked Bird's Nest!

(Source: William)

This honey is found in a natural environment that is rich with cherry and barley. In order to get the honey these white, creamy, smooth and taste like milk, it needs honeybees to build their beehives in the right place and on the right time when Cherry and Barley flowers are blooming. Its’ sweetness carries slight sour taste with barley incense. A good honey for any time of the day. It is favorite for everyone, especially kids and ladies.

We are familiar with the immense health benefits of ingesting bird nest. Besides providing good effects for menstrual discomfort, it also helps prevent cancer, enhance immune function and of course, lowers cholesterol.

Don't miss the store's star buy! Usual price at $63.90, and now going at $49!

Yummi House is located at #B1-16 at Tampines 1.
Tel: +65 64817077
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm

If you're in the East and thinking of where to go for food, do head to Tampines 1 shopping mall! It's super crowded during weekends, so you know there is definitely good food here!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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