How I Spent Xmas & New Year

Starting the new year right this year!

Here's just a summary of how I spent my Christmas of 2014, as well as welcoming the new year 2015.

Christmas eve in town.

Matchy in blue and white. Are we the only couple who plan to match clothing colours whenever we can? Hahaha.

A pleasant Christmas surprise at the stroke of midnight!

Bottom right picture was taken in 2002, when we both were in the same class in primary school. 

Matching specs, my Christmas present from Ken which costs a bomb from Owndays.

Merry blessed Christmas!! 

Feeling the festive mood as we're both dressed in matchy colours again! My favourite color this time round, PINK! 

Our yearly xmas affair at Crabbie's house! 

 With a special dance and sing along session this year. Had so much fun!!!

Lots of love!

Dinner at Supply and Demand. 

Walked along Orchard road to see the pretty festive lights.

New year's eve!

Check in at Equarius hotel for staycation!

At gardens by the bay to countdown to the new year!

The pretty lights! 

Couldn't be more blessed as I am, taking your hand into the new year and our future ahead together.

We always look good in white!

White and blue for the first day of the new year.

Ken saying I have a round face cause I eat too much. Hahaha.

Spent the day at Sentosa with Ken and his family! 

New year, new beginnings.

Looking back at last year, my happiest moments were all in the year-end, after I met Ken. Leaving quite a few things behind this year, yet I couldn't be more thankful for what I've gained.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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