Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention

Are you a collector of toys? Do you love comics? I'm sure you've visited Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention over the weekend! This year, STGCC welcomes pop culture heavyweights and the largest exhibitor turnout!

Mind-blowing line-up of 29 comic, toy, cosplay, anime and game personalities, with close to 180 launches from 240 exhibitors including 180 Artist Alley participants in largest turnout. New highlights include the inaugural STGCC Championships of Cosplay, STGCC Celebrates Local Talent and Women in Comics panel!

There are several highlights at this year STGCC event such as, Kids Cosplay Parade, the launch of Hot Toys 2015 Toy Fairs, Gigantic Hulkbuster VS Hulk display, Get close up with STGCC local talent, Cosplayer Hall of Fame, booth exclusive giveaways and promotions.

An exhilarating range of STGCC exclusives awaits were available for visitors this year, including collectibles from local and international toy artists in celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, one-of-a-kind pieces from 180 Artist Alley participants, and the latest offerings from 240 exhibitors, in the largest turnout in STGCC history.

Some visuals from the STGCC media preview at the new DC Comics Superheroes Cafe over at Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands. 

Cute assorted superhero cupcakes. 

These mugs would make for a good present to a friend who loves DC superheroes! 

Edible superheroes!

Eisner, Harvey and Inkpot award-winner, Adam Hughes, who has brought to life legendary heroes like Captain America, Hellboy, Wonder Woman and Supergirl was in Asia for the first time at STGCC.

This was Adam completing a sketch of Mary Jane Watson (spiderman's girlfriend) on the spot.

At the media preview, we also got to meet American cosplayer Stella Chuu, famous for her individualistic style marrying cosplay and burlesque.

Fast forward to the weekend (12 & 13 September) at STGCC which was held at Sands Expo Convention Centre at MBS.

Wheeee my favourite Marvel character! 

Managed to get a picture with Ironman and Captain America!

So many characters and toys! Really brings back memories from childhood days.

Some cosplay visuals taken from Hong Peng!

These cosplayers were definitely one of the highlights at this year's STGCC!!! 

Sun Wu Kong arrived as well!

Stealing this photo from Hong Peng's blog again! Fun day visiting STGCC together!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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