Heading to Japan? Astounding Hello Kitty rooms up for grabs!

Are you planning to head to Japan during the holidays? I'm sharing with you how to get the best out of Japan: which hotel to stay at plus which travel company to book your trip with!

Here I am taking a picture with a picture of Keio Plaza Hotel's lobby! Keio Plaza Hotel is located in Shinjuku, and has beautiful HELLO KITTY ROOMS alongside a wide variety of restaurants and culture exhibitions!

I'll start with the prettiest: HELLO KITTY ROOMS!

Young couples and families with children will truly enjoy this spacious 40.8 sqm/439.1 sqft room, available for twin or triple usage. The furniture and interiors of these rooms focus on the internationally famous character Hello Kitty.

The rooms come in two types- the “Kitty Town” room offers a fun, pop-art feel, while the “Princess Kitty” allows one to relax like a fairytale princess. Express check-in at their “Premier Counter”! Click HERE for more information on these Hello Kitty rooms located in Keio Plaza Hotel

Watch this video to see more of the Hello Kitty rooms!

Keio Plaza Hotel offers so many dining varieties that I know my stomach will always be kept satisfied. Alongside the Hello Kitty rooms and restaurants, Keio Plaza Hotel offers cultural experiences as well, including trying on wedding Kimonos! Do head over to their website (http://www.keioplaza.com) for more details. Below I have a few events that they offer as well.

The Keio Plaza Hotel is holding its fourth in-house chopstick event. The Lobby showcases chopsticks (which are also available for purchase) in all their colorful glory. These minutely detailed objects make wonderful souvenirs and presents. Some of their restaurants are also offering special meals that come with gifts of lacquered chopsticks. In addition, a special hotel stay plan includes a dinner at one of our Japanese restaurants, a pair of chopsticks with mother-of-pearl inlay and guest initials, and a special chopstick rest. Be sure to discover for yourself how much chopsticks truly have to offer.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo will be hosting Japanese harp (KOTO 筝) recitals in the main lobby. Be sure not to miss out on this unforgettable celebration of one of Japan's most dearly loved traditions!

Lastly, Keio Plaza Hotel is located at the west side of Tokyo. Check out this video to see what else you can explore!

Introducing H.I.S. Internaional Travel!

Check out destinations and travel packages in Japan that only H.I.S. Singapore can take you to!

H.I.S. Singapore is your Japan specialist travel agency! They offer many many customizable packages, including many FREE & EASY ones where you can decide where you wanna go! They can just help with booking anything if you need, or telling you where you should visit. A professional helping hand!

There is A FUJI MOUNTAIN MARATHON coming up end of this year in November! Yes, imagine completing a marathon at Fuji mountain, how cool is that! Click HERE for more details.

Now you know how to go about planning for your Japan trip! Thank you Chie from Tokyo Luxey for the invite to this event, letting me share with my readers the awesome deals from Tokyo, Japan!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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