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I'm sure we all know there are places we can go to remove our unwanted body hair.. But where do we go for quality professional service? Here I have an answer: Lavande! Lavande prioritizes itself in providing quality aesthetic treatments to all valued clients, ensuring their clients are pampered with a wide range of hassle free aesthetic services, all in one place. 

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So, let's get back to Lavande! Need a quick fix to dull-looking skin? Fuss free removal of unsightly body hair? Or trimming that unruly brows? Fret not, Lavande has it all. Lavande's team of experienced therapists are trained and specialized in an individual area of expertise, therefore clients can expect to be given accurate advices and dedicated services at all times. 

Lavande is located at Citylink Mall, 1 Raffles Link #B1-09A Singapore 039393.

Furnished beautifully with purple seats, the interior gives off a cozy and inviting vibe.

Now before I go into my treatment, let me talk a little about what IPL is! IPL is a kind of pulsed light treatment; where the hair reduction procedure emits light beam through the hair into the hair follicle. The light energy turns into heat energy coagulating the melanin in the follicle. As a result, the follicle cannot grow new hair.

Lavande uses SharpLight technology, which is a pulsed light treatment. This light based technology is based on a method called "selective photohermolysis" which works by selective destruction of a specified target without damaging surrounding tissue. When treating textural complaints such as fine wrinkles and large pores, the light stimulates the growth of collagen which makes the skin glow and look more youthful.

 The 3D carvings on the white walls are so aesthetically appealing! Such a beautiful place.

First I was led into a room like this to fill up my particulars in the form. General questions like whether you've done IPL treatment before, hair type, and such. Annie, the supervisor of Lavande, attended to me personally. She explained to me the process of the IPL treatment, and gave me bedroom slippers to change into.

 The color theme of Lavande is, of course, purple and white, which can be seen from their towels, furniture and walls.

Since I'm doing a brazillian IPL treatment, cleansing wipes were provided before the session!

Lavande uses SharpLight medical-grade IPL-DPC system that is relatively painless, clean, and only require small number of sessions to see results. 

SharpLight systems offer non-invasive and effective treatment for hair removal and permanent hair reduction. Suitable for all body areas and size, from bikini lines and axilla to larger areas such as hands, legs, back, shoulders and abdomen. Sharplight’s unique technology is safe and reliable, offering excellent hair reduction results with minimum discomfort.

 Now, you know what's the thing about SharpLight that is so cool? It's different from the traditional IPL sessions you may be used to, because there is no cooling gel applied on the skin before the treatment! For me, I have experienced IPL treatments for my underarm, and am used to having the cold gel spread on my underarm before the IPL treatment begins.  

HOWEVER, there's no need for cooling gel to be applied when using SharpLight because... THE SURFACE OF THIS (which comes into contact with the skin) is made of DIAMOND and it's ICE-COLD

The benefit of this is that unlike the cooling gel, the coldness won't wear off due to our body's natural temperature, and it immediately soothes the skin before hitting down the laser. This is why you can get your hair removal done with minimum discomfort! Superb!

The reason why results can be seen with minimum usage of SharpLight is because there is an option to change the intensity of the laser to match what your pores need! This function is not available on traditional IPL machines where the cooling gel is needed.

On subsequent treatments, your pore and hair condition will be different, and faster results can be achieved by utilising a higher intensity of the laser. On the contrary, it will not hurt as much because the pores and hair by then will be considerably smaller and thinner. After a few sessions, you will be able to see thinning of the hair when it grows out. It will take quite a few session before hair growth can be completed stopped.

 This shows a very good improvement within a month, and only after two sessions! Annie explained to me that at Lavande, they usually encourage clients to come back for their IPL treatments after every 2 weeks or a month, for maximum and efficient results. Most of the other hair-removal places only let clients come back after 2 months! Coupled with their traditional machine use, the results cannot be seen as soon.

Now, the pain level I would say is quite manageable, because the 'zapping' process only takes about 5 minutes or less! The ice cold surface of the diamond will greatly help in reducing the pain from the laser. If you really feel too uncomfortable with the pain, mention it to the friendly staff and they will be able to put the ice cold surface on your skin for a longer while before activating the laser.

Throughout the whole treatment process, Annie chatted with me casually, making me feel very comfortable and at ease. She also made sure I was feeling fine during every stage of the treatment. Loved her professional service!

So now you know where to get professional service, quality care and quick results! Book an appointment with Lavande through the GetKlarity app! Remember to use the code 'KANDY20' to get 20% off all services!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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