Mix of Tones at Headlines Hairdressing

Weeks after my first awesome hair treatment with Artistry, I'm back again for some colour!

Look at the different tones of colours on my hair! Highlights within highlights.

Here's Elein choosing colors for me!

 At first I thought I was just going to get a fresh new color for my hair, but Elein did some magic and I ended up with a mix of tones! 

Excited to start!!! After dyeing my hair, I'm also getting a special treatment done.

Getting highlights on my hair!

After getting the color on, it's time for a very important step to finish it up: the treatment process! The steam that was applied to my hair was cooling, unlike the usual heat treatment. Now what else is so special about this treatment?

I called it the MUCOTA SCENA ABC treatment!

1. Adel
Moisture base for treatment.
It contains maltose-based millet jelly (starch syrup element) to improve hair condition. Adel keeps necessary moisture inside damaged hair, andcreates the best hair condition for treatment .With its internal permeation typed moisture holding elements, it makes hair soft and moist enough before carrying on the next step of the treatment process.

2. Brava
Repair damaged hair and keep it in better condition.
Contains 5 kinds of hair repair elements to repair various damages. Also, to keep these elements inside the hair folicle, Brava contains reactive ceramide-like ingredients which prevents the elements from flowing away from the hair. This makes it very effective for repairing!

3. Calore
Protect cuticle and get healthier hair.
After reparing inside hair, Calore repairs cuticle damage to keep penetrated repair elements, and improves hair condition to keep beautiful luscious locks. 2 kinds of cuticle repair elements give hair a silky texture and a shining luster, putting the outmost cuticle back to a hydrophobic state to protect hair from external damage.

And so, after a pampering session, my hair turned out mighty fine! Can you also see the different streaks of colour that Elein mixed in for me?

Here's another picture! I love the dark red/maroon color! Makes my hair not so boring to look at compared to if I only had one color done.

 Thank you Elein for always giving my hair the best treatment! Head down to Artistry to give your hair what it needs. Feel free to discuss the condition of your hair with the friendly staff, and see how they can help you and your hair!

Remember you can quote my name to get 10-30% discount, depending on whichever service you will be getting. Artistry is located at #03-32 International Plaza, 10 Anson Rd, Singapore 079903. Call 6221 9255 to make your appointment or drop them an email at artistryhairsg@gmail.com!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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