Food Mania @ Orchard Central

Singapore's town area actually boosts a wide variety of choices to fulfill your cravings from within your stomach... especially at the heart of town, Orchard Central.

Join me on a gastronomic journey over at Orchard Central and find out how I satisfied my tastebuds!


Joie by DOZO is a fine dining restaurant offering vegetarian food. The first and only one of its kind, Joei's location is just as singular as the restuarant. Located amidst the lush rooftop garden of Orchard Central, the expansive paranomic view is nothing compared to the visual appeal of the exquisitely plated food. Evidences are in the photos below! 

This amazing breadstick was so thin yet so delicious. We can't stop reaching over to bite on it! Owner Mr Huang explains to us that these breadsticks are served thinner than usual because otherwise it would take away the appetite of the customers by filling up too much of their stomach. This will ensure a healthy appetite with space for the mains! 

Chef's selection of assorted platter

As our starter, it was indeed very tasty! This orange food looks like salmon sashimi, but it's not! It was made from CARROTS! It was so nice and crunchy that I decided it was my favourite of the lot. The one on the right was unique because the sauce was made with wasabi powder but it was NOT SPICY at all it just had the wasabi taste. I don't know how it was done!!! 

Then this amazing raspberry sphere just exploded in my mouth alongside the pistachio biscuit. Then I changed my mind about the carrots being my favourite...

Gratinated Champignon with Mozzarella
Button mushrooms gratin served with Tennessee heirloom potato puree and Belgian endive, focaccia. This just really reminded me of escargots! Then when I dug in I found mushrooms instead.

Mashed potatoes (potato puree) yum.

Charcoal Tempura

Doesn't look like something I would want to put in my mouth initially, but I overcame my disgust and tried a bite. Only to realize it was really harmless tempura made to perfection inside. 

Mocktail of Love
An uplifting mix of cranberry, orange and pineapple.

A very tasty and refreshing drink that goes very well with the food. Accompanied me throughout the whole meal!

Tartare Platter au Naturel
Platter of pine nut, Japanese seaweed, avocado, corn, tomato salsa, pomegranate, seagrapes, rice puff.

Mix it all up!

An interesting blend of flavours with I enjoyed! It's a cold dish which is very appropriate as a starter/appetizer.

Vegetable Sashimi served on ice with Quail Egg shooter glass
The texture of the sashimi is cleverly replicated with the use of konjac, vegetables and fruits, right down to the hint of natural brine and buttery texture, typical of salmon sashimi. Even the most discerning tastebuds will be hard pressed to tell the difference!

The quail egg shooter glass! 

Zucchini Tower
Zucchini stuffed with crème cheese, truffle mayo, medallion of puff pastry, beetroot sphere.

This was an interesting dish, the tower tasted very much like cucumbers to me, and the truffle taste was prominent. It's also very well presented because if you look closely, you'll be able to see flowers stuck on to the tower meticulously.

Wild Rice with Eggplant Terrine
Sautéed wild rice with baby radish, pine nut, baby carrot and haricot vert with eggplant terrine.

The eggplant, as the usual highlight of vegetarian restaurants, was delicately prepared and super delicious!

Grilled Bai-Ling Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone
Bai-ling mushroom served with mash and tempura fan. This was another highlight of the evening, which is also the star of the new menu. A generous portion of Bai-Ling mushroom steak is served instead of beef tenderloin in its DOZO counterpart.

Besides the tasteful display, the dish tasted good as the hot stone kept the food warm. The springy, succulent Bai-Ling mushroom steak, the crackling sizzle of the steak's juices and the granite hot stone, coupled with the smoky tanginess of the accompanying truffle dip, harmonize perfectly together to form a dish that tastes as good as it sounds.

Pumpkin Velouté
Pumpkin velouté with tomato ciabatta and edible petals.

I didn't know the petals were edible!!!!! It was a good pumpkin soup nonetheless. 

 Snow Pear and Napa Cabbage Consumme
Double-boiled rich vegetables stock with baby pear and almond.

 The aroma of the snow pear was very very nice!!

Infusion of Cepes and Truffle
Cepes mushroom perfumed with white winter truffle oil and black truffles 

Since I love mushroom soup, this did not disappoint, and it came as no surprise that this was my favourite!

Ice Rose Lemon Tea
Opt for a potion over at Joei! This lemon tea infused with pink rose buds was very refreshing, definitely a good end to our scrumptious meal.

It is such a flavourful tea where we all had multiple servings because one cup was definitely not satisfying enough!

The comfortable ambience in Joie won me over, as I got to enjoy fine dining in a classy restaurant. The service was impeccable as well, and I would really recommend my friends here. Even though I'm a meat-lover, I thoroughly enjoyed this vegetarian meal! Joie by DOZO is located at #12-01 Orchard Central, call 6838 6966 to make reservations!


Shi Li Fang is a Taiwanese Steamboat restaurant located at Orchard Central committing to delivering all natural, healthy, sustainable food at an affordable price!

Prior to this, I have already known of Shi Li Fang and actually frequent this place with Ken!

What I like about this place is that we can each opt to have our own small little pot, enough to cook for our own's share. There are tables for a larger group of people as well of course.

The neat space that's mine for the time I'm here.

There is also a small compartment below the table for you to store your items! Very convenient. Tissue available for you to grab halfway into your meal as well.

The variety of sauces available for your pick!

I had the marbled pork lunch set that was less than $15 if I remember correctly. Somewhere along that price. Very affordable! Plus their ala carte meat servings are at 50% off!

Table of fresh yummy goodness!

Marinated chicken. I still preferred the pork though. This was not as good.

Wagyu beef!!!! Very yummy. We were actually seated near the kitchen, and we had a sneak peek into how the chefs prepared the meat. We realized why we had to wait a tad bit longer during the peak period! It was because all the meat were delicately and professionally sliced, for our best consumption pleasure. Awesome! Shi Li Fang is located at #07-10/11 at Orchard Central.

Similar to Shi Li Fang, YiLi Pao Pao also originates from Taiwan! With 60 years of rich history, you know that this shaved ice dessert will never disappoint.

Head down to basement 2 and you'll soon see this big signage

The many flavours of shaved ice available. I never knew peanut could be a shaved ice flavour too!

The toppings available! You know what caught my eye first??? GUMMY BEARS!

This was my order: milk and eye shaved ice with pearls and gummy bears! Each gummy bear was meticulously stuck onto my shaved ice!

My tower of shaved ice goodness! It was very yummy, and this milk and egg flavour is actually pretty popular. It wasn't too sweet or too much, it was just right! A little more on the bland side which I really prefer, rather than it being too sweet.

Your choice of toppings can be chosen which really matches your taste! YiLi PaoPao Ice is located at #B2-05 at Orchard Central.

Next time you're in town, you'll know where to visit for a scrumptious meal!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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