SoulScape - Singapore's Iconic Yoga Festival

Soulscape, one of Singapore's largest yoga festival for yogis to gather, is back again this year!

Join me at this full-day event to have fun, know fellow yogis as well as take gorgeous shots at the beach in the afternoon sun or evening setting sun!!!

Gather your tribe for a day of mindful movement and be amongst activated souls. Come and learn from a wonderful line up of local and regional yoga instructors in a full day of movement workshops on land and water. Check out the Soulscape schedule!

Get tickets to Soulscape and use this code TRIBALCOUNCIL20 to get S20 OFF!! Full-day access tickets are already fully sold out (yes it's that popular!) so hurry get your night festival tickets before that is sold out too!

See you at Tanjong Beach Club on the 12th September! We're going to have so much fun can't wait!


The beautiful sight of yogis coming together!

Stretching in progress.

More visuals taken from Dawn's blog.

Trying our best to stretch! I think the tree makes for a good help. Hahaha.

Dawn and I: where friendship and yoga meet.

I really had fun at Soulscape! Yoga by the beach is really an experience.
Shout out to Real Yoga for the sponsored yoga mat, it was of such a good quality to replace my own yoga mat from Watsons! See you yogis at Soulscape again next year!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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