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Many of you know that I'm a volleyballer, but not many know that I actually play tennis too! Yes not as well as I can play vball that's for sure, but somewhat decent. I had the chance to attend a tennis lesson with Banana Tennis and found out that tennis lessons have never been more fun with them!

With my rainbow-stringed pink racket in hand, I took to the tennis court to swing at some balls hoping they'll fly true to my intentions. Read on as I tell you why Banana Tennis should be your choice when you're looking to take up tennis lessons!

Tennis lessons in Singapore are growing in popularity, being played by thousands of people looking to get fit. Whether you're looking for private lessons or even lessons for kids, Banana Tennis has got them all. Don't simply run endless rounds around the track to get in shape - pick up a new sport where age doesn't matter! You've got to start somewhere and with the experienced coaches at Banana Tennis, you'll be starting (or even continuing) in good hands!

With tailored instructions and flexible scheduling, you would definitely be enjoying a sport much to your convenience. The highly experienced coaches at Banana Tennis make sure they tailor classes to your skill level so that you'll be able to improve continuously at a comfortable pace. Because they don't want you to go bananas!

Let them know your weekly/monthly schedule and they will work something out for you. Want a good sweat after work, or a fun exercise before starting a long day of sitting on your office chair? No problem! Banana Tennis understands that people have different schedules and are willing to be there for you whenever you need them.

You'll get to play anywhere at any tennis court in Singapore with their certified coaches! That's right, no fixed place to go to (imagine if you had to travel all the way to the east when you stay in the west area of Singapore!) so you get to choose where you wanna work out at. From Pasir Ris to Choa Chu Kang, Banana Tennis have you covered. Not sure which tennis court is available near you? Head over to Banana Tennis' Tennis Court Locator which will help!

Each of the coaches at Banana Tennis has at least one accreditation from either an international tennis body or a local tennis certification, so you can be sure that they definitely knows what they're doing! They have had experiences in coaching students as well, with their step-by-step easy-to-understand methodology which works well on both kids and adults.

Did I also mention that learning tennis is a great way to bond your families, friends and even company? Yes, group tennis lessons are calling out to you! Group tennis lessons are very useful learning experiences because you get to learn from each other. In a group, players have differing skill levels, so you can observe and learn from players who are strong in certain areas. This is a form of closed-loop learning where actions are positively reinforced or corrected by others' actions; making it a really fun way to learn tennis together!

Hop over to Banana Tennis' blog where they have a few articles on their 'Get A Grip Series' which feature the different grips people use when holding their tennis rackets, as well as the pros and cons of each. Not sure which grip is good for you? Don't worry, coaches from Banana Tennis will also be able to analyse your swings and body posture to solve that for you! Basically, lessons with Banana Tennis will provide you with an all-rounder of everything you ever need to know and learn about tennis. Sweet!

I had so much fun learning tennis with Banana Tennis that I'm laughing so unglamly haha! If you have any question regarding their lessons, do check out their FAQ page, or feel free to contact Banana Tennis by filling up a short form HERE, or drop your enquiry to / 96519810.

We had a great lesson hitting them balls; thank you Banana Tennis for having us! Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more updates on their promotions!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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