Esplanade Annexe Food Tour

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is not only a place you go for a musical or a play; it's actually a secret (or is it not) hiding place of good food! There's more to do here than you might think! Catch a free performance along the waterfront then head up to the roof terrace for a drink with a magnificent view of the city skyline.

Follow me on my food journey at Esplanade Annexe where I got to fill up my tummy with delicious food, from appetizers to mains to my favourite desserts! There were 4 stops in total: Alter Ego, Wah Kee, Suzette and Supply & Demand.

Alter Ego is the second self of A Poke Theory, dishing out Hawaiian poke bowls by day, craft beer & unapologetically sinful bar grub by night. Situated on Esplanade's waterfront, it's a sweet spot to knock back IPAs under the stars, to an unrivalled view of the Marina Bay. Edgy, underground and an easy go-to for a day's brunch or night's post-work drinks – unleash your alter ego in an uninterrupted space. 

Seafood Gumbo $16 
Creole-style soup flavoured with roasted prawn heads, spices, and thickened with roasted vegetables, served with a medley of shrimp, shredded chicken, Italian sausage, and garlic paprika bread soldiers on the side. I found the soup very tasty (though a tad too salty) but it went really well with the garlic bread!

Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich, $20 
Deep fried southern spiced chicken thigh blanketed in cheese sauce, sandwiched between a buttery brioche bun smeared with housemade ranch. Served with purple slaw & honey butter cornbread. Cheese and chicken; need I say more? Chicken was delicious and tender!

The huge space makes for a suitable place to chill with your friends over a pint of beer; no one will be able to eavesdrop on your gossips!

Since it was founded in 1951, Wah Kee’s signature dish has been its prawn noodles. The robust soup, gigantic prawns and firm noodles come together perfectly in one dish. Nestled in Pek Kio, Wah Kee's flagship stall has won the hearts of gourmands, including actor Chow Yun-fat from Hong Kong and popular Singapore food blogger Dr Leslie Tay. At its first restaurant at Esplanade, Wah Kee brings its lauded flavours to the civic district.

Wah Kee Prawn Noodle With Regular Sized Prawn (Dry/Soup) $6
I must admit, this was my first time trying Wah Kee's prawn noodles and I'm not surprised why it was so much-raved about! I didn't find the noodles very extraordinary, but I really reallllly love the soup! Even when you order the dry noodles, it will come with a bowl of soup!

Kai Lan in Oyster Sauce, $8
Ordinary dish I barely touched because I don't fancy vegetables but sometimes it's still a must-order because must eat healthy right.

Clam Soup, $12
Kick up the indulgence with Wah Kee's clam soup, which teases with its sweet and spicy notes. Many found this a lot tastier than the prawn soup with the additional clam taste. I thought this was good as well, but still preferred the prawn soup. Too 'fishy' for me I guess, and a little too over-flavoured.

Suzette is a dessert bar offering up familiar and comforting desserts with a touch of playfulness in terms of flavour pairings. They want to make desserts that excite and comfort at the same time, in a beautiful setting at Esplanade. 

Their brunch and the takeaway picnic concept are also part of a lifestyle that they hope to build together with the brand. With Suzette, they are striving to share a valuable lifestyle habit; more than just heading out to a café for brunch, they want to bring you handcrafted quality food and drinks with an added dining experience of a picnic or a spectacular view of the bay that would fit into the lifestyle of those who seek the extraordinary. 

White Chocolate Durian Tart, $12
Do you realize that this cute tart resembles the Esplanade building itself? And the durian fruit of course! Cute-looking and yummy, thumbs up for this!

Cocktail, $16
Suzette has many flavours of cocktails available in different cool forms so do remember to order to try alongside your dessert when you visit!

Handcrafted Waffles with Ice-Cream, $12
I LOVE THE WAFFLES it was super delicious! Crispy on the outside yet it seemed to melt in my mouth after a few bites. I'm a waffle-lover and have pretty high expectations for waffles so trust my taste on this!

Lemon tart, $6
I never liked lemons though, but Zonghan finished the tart in seconds it seemed, because he said it was SUPER GOOD. So many many stars awarded to Suzette for their desserts!

Supply and Demand, the Italian Southeast Asian bistro and rooftop bar is a flagship restaurant by Cre8 Group, which serves appetising and affordable Italian favourites from bruschettas to hand-opened pizzas and savoury pastas. There's also a grill menu that changes often at the chefs' discretion, so there's always something new to try!

Garlic Truffle Fries, $17
Signature chunky cut fries drizzled liberally with truffle oil, and topped with shaved parmesan, roasted garlic bits and parsley. 

Supply & Demand’s Garlic Truffle Fries have been voted as one of the best in town by Lifestyle Asia Singapore, Lady Iron Chef, Honey Combers, The Smart Local SG, Marie France Asia, and more.

Salted Egg Yolk Drumlets, $15
Crispy Chicken Drumlets tossed with salted egg yolk sauce.

Supply & Demand is not a fusion restaurant and it is proud of its Italian dishes. As the Esplanade outlet is Supply & Demand’s flagship restaurant with many tourists patronising, they introduced an additional Southeast Asian Menu to let their guests enjoy some local favourites as well, such as Handmade Chicken Skewers (satay), Crunchy Thai Basil Pork Wantons and its other takes on bar bites, such as this hot favourite, Salted Egg Yolk Drumlets – included in their new updated menu.

The Morning After (Regular 9”) $21 (Large 13”) $24
Add $2.50 for 2 Flavours-In-1 Pizza Our Signature Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon and mushrooms with a soft egg set in the center. 

All Supply & Demand pizzas are made with dough freshly churned in-house daily, lovingly hand opened, thin crust, crispy yet fluffy and freshly baked to order. This pizza was inspired by a hangover their Chef experienced one night, he woke up the morning after craving for a breakfast of eggs, bacon and mushrooms – hence, the namesake, “The Morning After”.

Click HERE ^ to book a reservation for Supply & Demand through Chope!

Thank you Esplanade for having us on this media tasting tour; we had a good time and ended the night with a super satisfied belly! Esplanade is so much more than an arts centre. With lifestyle offerings from food and beverage to shopping and services, free spaces for you to rest your feet, and an unbeatable view of the city, your arts experience is anything but ordinary.

xoxo. kaitinghearts

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