House of Seafood - High Seafood Tower

Well known as a great place for friends and families to enjoy a sumptuous meal together, House of Seafood is a food icon and a famous brand in the seafood restaurant industry in Singapore.

Here we have the spread of seafood from House of Seafood's High Seafood Tower! Being the first and original seafood tower in Singapore with a collagen-based soup, it's really delicious and the seafood are the freshest ones you can find in Singapore!

Located at 3 Punggol Point Road, Singapore 828694 The Punggol Settlement #01-01 & #01-02House of Seafood serves up its finest range of seafood and the most delicious appetizing crabs to customers. Over the years, House of Seafood has built a strong following of fans as well as returning customers. Its large customer base includes families, famous Taiwanese and Hong Kong celebrities, politicians and tourists. Many photos are displayed on the frontage of their restaurants on our massive fans all over the regions.

They also have another outlet at Serangoon, 756 Upper Serangoon Road #03-33, Singapore 534626. Check out their opening hours HERE.

We got to try the High Seafood Tower where all the seafood are steamed and cooked together. House of Seafood was actually the FIRST in Singapore to bring this seafood tower over from Korea! They have a multitude of sauces for you to mix and match!

Let's move on to what's included in the High Seafood Tower! Here we have fresh scallops.

Freshly cooked prawns. 


2 big fat crabs. 



Cooked clams! See the soup? It's the seafood collagen soup that was at the bottom of all the seafood, and it's mixed with all the 'juices' from the seafood when they were being cooked. It's free of MSG, preservatives and any kind of seasoning; yet it has this rich taste which is very tasty! What's more, it's a collagen-rich soup sure to bring back the bounciness to your skin!

No surprise why House of Seafood has been branded as serving up the "Best Pepper Crab" in Singapore because this was really delicious! The crab meat was huge and the sauce was savoury. Makes for lip-smacking good crab meal!

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Too lazy to leave your house for some good seafood? HOUSE OF SEAFOOD PROVIDES YOU WITH ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY! Click HERE to order online.

One last thing I've got to share with you is this: House of Seafood provides delivery for this High Seafood Tower with a delivery charge of ONLY $16 but here's the awesome thing: YOU GET TO KEEP ALL THE POTS AND THE COOKER! That's right, it's perfect for house warming, for a good meal in your school hostels and even in offices during lunch time because you get to keep the pots and cooker for future use. So awesome right!

House of Seafood has differentiated itself as the ideal place for foodies, friends, families and tourist to experience the unique culinary heritage of Singapore’s authentic taste of Chili and Black Pepper Crab, living nothing but praises for a memorable dining experience which is second to none across island. Thank you House of Seafood for having us over!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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