Portico Host Introduces Delightful New Brunch Menu

Portico Host is housed in a venue that is reminiscent of an elegantly designed living room in a favoured friend’s home. Surrounded by the restaurant’s own garden and a sprawling alfresco space which can seat 100, the relaxed vibe of the main dining hall beckons guests to gather with their friends and linger over a delicious meal and chill out over drinks.

I had the chance to try out Portico's new brunch menu amidst their warm and inviting ambience and it was such a good experience!

Portico Host offers a predominantly modern European-inspired, yet eclectic menu. It is a full selection of foods, from hearty snacks, healthy soups and salads, and filling sandwiches, through to generous main courses, followed by tempting desserts. All of these options are served in simple, homely style. Simple presentation does not mean simple tastes though. A lot of thought is focused towards flavours, textures and presentation without neglecting the soul and essence of the dish.

Host Big Breakfast Pan, $26
Made up of Bacon/Chorizo Sausage/Bratwurst Sausage/Cigar Scramble Egg/Herb Tomato/Mushroom Fricassee/Toast/Roasted Potato/Green’s. I couldn't stop putting the potatoes in my mouth because it was so delicious! A classic breakfast set with the meat and greens all in one.

Brioche French Thick Toast, $15
Made up of Mascarpone Cheese/Berries Comport/Mabel Syrup. MY FAVOURITE on the brunch menu to date! Fluffy toast with sweet (not too sweet) berries coupled with the delightful maple syrup sauce and the sprinkle of sugar, makes me wanna go back for more.

Wagyu Beef Burger, $18
Made up of Caramelized Spanish Onion/Vine Tomato/Butter Head/Campbell Cheese/ Brioche Bun/Fries. Delicious and juicy, this is a tad different from other burgers with the added touch of peanut butter sauce.

Fluffy Hot Cakes, $15
Maple Mascarpone/Assorted Of Fresh Berries/Oat Crumbs/Sunflower Seed’s/Petit Green’s. Even more fluffiness from Portico Host with this hot cake, with a dollop of cream as a finishing touch!

Nyonya Crepe, $12
Roasted Coconut/Vanilla Sabayon/Mascarpone Cheese/Gula Malacca Gelato. A flavourful crepe with fruits and vanilla ice-cream to top it off, this is definitely on the top of my list for desserts!

Granola, $15
Fresh Berries/Mable Yogurt/Oats/ Nuts/ Seeds/Dried Fruits. The granola received many raving reviews and it's a no wonder, with its yummy fresh fruits and yoghurt! Definitely a yummy and healthy snack.

Portico Host is located at 991B Alexandra Rd #01-10 Singapore 119970. Click on CHOPE here to make your reservation!

Thank you Portico for having me! I really enjoyed the food and the pretty place. Would recommend holding events there as well because Portico’s modular space can be tailored to accommodate individual needs and provide each and every guest with an unforgettable highly personalised experience.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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