SK Jewellery - 999 Pure Gold Xifu (囍福) Collection

SK Jewellery is proud to launch the Xifu (囍福) collection, which boldly redefines the art and culture of Si Dian Jin (四点金), a four-piece jewellery set given by the groom’s mother to the bride as betrothal gift, through innovative, never-before-seen design, top-notch craftsmanship and the use of highest quality 999 Pure Gold.

Ken and I had the honour of attending the Transcending Gold - The Perfect Union held at JW Marriott @ South Beach Singapore in a really pretty ballroom! Read on for more details on their gorgeous new collection as well as the meaningful origins of the collection.

A premium 999 Pure Gold Si Dian Jin (四点金) brand, the Xifu Collection is conceptualised to honour Chinese wedding traditions with a contemporary approach. The Chinese character for double happiness (囍) and that for good fortune (福) form the brand name and conveys a joyous reverence for the sacred union between a man and a woman, the blessings from parents and the exuberant celebration of the momentous event.

Inspired by love and conjugal bliss, the Xifu Collection comprises a wide range of Si Dian Jin sets, ranging from traditional sets featuring the revered motif of dragon and phoenix to ultra-sleek and modern sets with stylised interpretation of elegant flowers such as lilies and plum blossoms. 

Handmade by master craftsmen using laser technology, every single Xifu piece is a study in unparalleled mastery, skill and artistry. The craftsmen are known for utilising various technology, such as rainbow gold and gold sparkles, and different finishes on a single piece of jewellery. These not only showcases the versatility of 999 Pure Gold but also make the carvings on the Si Dian Jin appear exceptionally three-dimensional and life-like. Each regal Si Dian Jin also looks larger than its actual weight due to clever design and top-notch craftsmanship. 

A signature of the Collection is the special Si Dian Jin sets that are adorned with gemstones such as top-quality He Tian jade, pearls and garnets. These gemstone-set Si Dian Jin are extremely rare, as it is very challenging to set gemstones in 999 Pure Gold, a soft metal. Hence it requires only the most experienced craftsmen to create these magnificent Si Dian Jin sets. 

Be it modern or traditional, every Si Dian Jin set features astounding details that tell meaningful matrimonial stories and beautifully convey the giver’s blessings to the new couple.

This Double Happiness (喜结连理) Si Dian Jin set is my favourite because of the ring bracelet (sucker for this kinda things hahaha) and the pink ruby hearts! That's like speaking to me on every level!

This set defies convention with its unexpected pop of colour and chic simplicity. Inspired by the Chinese character for double happiness (囍), the set is crafted with 999 Pure Gold and sparkling rubies, which are in auspicious red. In addition, the set features a ring bracelet, which symbolises the eternal bond between husband and wife.

Click HERE to check out more beautiful gold jewellery from the 囍福 collection! The Xifu collection is available at all SK Jewellery stores so it's time to start shopping!

Here's special guest Nathan Hartono singing his heart out; good to catch him live and listen to his nice voice!

Influencer Melissa also had a trip back to find out more about her Teochew roots and I really loved the sharing because I'm also a Teochew myself! I relate so much to all the marriage customs because I'm also getting married soon this year!

Dressed in this pretty piece from Last Wardrobe SG, and received many compliments for this! They sell trendy clothes from Korea directly; head to their Instagram HERE to shop.

Now I'm excited to shop for my own 四点金 from SK Jewellery! Thank you SK Jewellery and PR Communications for having us; we enjoyed the showcase, the 6-course meal of delicious dishes and the ambience!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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