Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Hong Ray Photography

What do you look for in a wedding photographer? My answer is: he must be able to capture our emotions, so that when I look back at the pictures I will be able to remember how I felt at the exact moment, blissful and happy in love.

Recently, Ken and I did our prewed photoshoot with Hong Ray, and we explored seemingly plain places in Singapore but we got the most amazing photos! Read on about our ordeal of trudging through wilderness just for them photos, and also see why it was so worth it!

When you look for a photographer, you would want someone who is passionate about his work and what he does on a daily basis. For Hong Ray, even though many years have passed since his first wedding attendance as a photographer, he still does it with the same excitement, never getting bored, because they are such unique events, each time.

As we get through life, isn't it awesome to find a job in something you're passionate in? Hong Ray's love of photography gave him the incredible chance to follow the path he wanted, and made him a successful award-winning photographer in Singapore's wedding scene today.

His works were featured in Singapore Tatler Weddings (November 2016) issue and he was the winner of the Editors' Choice award voted by Blissful Brides 2016.

You make me happy. 

One thing I really like about Hong Ray is that he's very passionate about finding new and unique places in Singapore to shoot. Take this place for example, nobody would've known the potential of this 'drain' to shoot prewed photos but he found it! He drives and cycles to different parts of Singapore to explore and find out new places on his own on a weekly basis. Thus, if you wanna make sure you get the most unique photos shot in Singapore, you'll have to look for Hong Ray.

You'll have to agree with me on this, this scenery doesn't look like Singapore right!

Of course, good things doesn't come easy. Nice photos come at a price too. And that price for us was... to climb through the tall grass and insects to reach that small mini island over there in the middle of the 'lake'. I haven't been here before so I really don't know how to describe this place hahaha.

A few shots inside the wilderness.

I wasn't kidding when I talked about the tall grass and insects. Ken said there were a few grasshoppers in his shoe (?!) and I was cringing but for nice photos I was willing to endure it! And THE PHOTOS TURNED OUT GREAT!

Always my support.

Gross moments when I fell into the icky water but a very perfectly-timed shot by Hong Ray right before Ken pulls me up!


It's us against the world, you and me against them all.

I loveeee the effect of the reflection in the water!!!

Spinning like a girl in a brand new dress, we've got this cute little island all to ourselves.

Leaving that little island of ours.

Remember what I said about shooting emotions? Well, Hong Ray's style of taking photos are unique and different for me because he invokes feelings to shoot. He will ask Ken and I to speak to each other in emotions like what I love about him and what he loves about me. That's a really good way for him to shoot genuine emotions from our faces!

 So, I'm your best friend and you're mine and we're gonna be stuck together for a long long time and I'm actually looking forward to that!

Moving on to my favourite photos of the shoot! Our night shoot with Hong Ray's DIY tent!!!

You'll need a photographer who is creative and Hong Ray definitely makes the cut because... THIS IS A DO-IT-YOURSELF TENT HE MADE FROM FOUR LONG PIECES OF STICK HE GOT FROM DAISO TIED TOGETHER BY HIS EXPERIMENTAL KNOTS! It holds up really really well and it's adjustable. Looks so professional to me; if he never told us we wouldn't know!

You light up my world.

I was able to smile so happily because... I WAS A HAPPY GIRL WITH A SATISFIED STOMACH. Story was, Hong Ray really prepared so many things for the shoot; he even prepared water and food for us!!! His oreos saved my grumbling stomach omg SO AWESOME TO HAVE A CARING PHOTOGRAPHER WHO TAKES CARE OF YOUR TUMMY DURING THE SHOOT!

That's it for my set of prewedding photos, do you love it like I do? Hong Ray's experience and professionalism was really admirable and he really knows what he's doing!

Here's a quote from him, "If you want a friend, not only a photographer, to be present at your wedding, helping you get memorable photos, don’t hesitate to let me know. Your wishes are my priority, and we’ll be a whole team, working together, so that everything turns out perfect."
And perfect it was.

I'm also sharing a special perk for you: quote my name "kaitinghearts" to get 10% off Hong Ray's photography services!! Email him at!

Many thanks to Hong Ray for his amazing work and for this collaboration. Meanwhile, let me get back to wedding planning! Btw, our big day is in May and if you're a wedding vendor looking to collaborate, do drop me an email at and we can see if there's any chance for us to work together!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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