FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

Fat Cat is a fresh and unique new cafe over at the East side of Singapore, and they serve dessert in so many unique ways I was so intrigued and enjoyed every bite so much!

 Fat Cat is located at 416 Bedok North Avenue 2, SIngapore 460416. Head on to their website HERE for their opening hours and more information!

Big thank you to my dear friend Sophie for inviting me over for their food tasting event!

 This is some awesome stuff! We were told this was tom yum granita, tom yum with kaffir lime threads. At first I thought I heard wrongly, how can this taste like tom yum? But when it went into my mouth oh the taste is so unique and very pleasant!

This is another awesome thing. It's a mojitio cocktail sphere, grapefruit rind, lime zest, with an explosion of zing. And it did explode in my mouth, allowing my tongue to savour the refreshing taste all at once. Really cool!

 Carbonated strawberry and grana padano chip, pre-dessert to the strawberry cheesecake! Food will vary according to seasonality and chef's creation that will determine what is best to be served.

I of course had no idea what is "grana padano chip" but I thought this was just cheese in chip form and yah I guess it was because it tasted like it hahaha.

 The strawberry cheesecake main dessert! Deconstructed! hahaha. Doesn't look like a cake right? But it tastes awesome!!!

Made up of raspberry sorbet, cinnamon cream cheese mousse, frozen raspberries, compressed strawberries, yogurt form, cinnamon shortbread crumble, and lemon cress.

 Pre-dessert for the chocolate jardin: egg nog pudding which looks super cool in this.

An egg shooter that consist of vanilla egg pudding topped with xeres vinegar, shaved nutmeg and a boost of bourbon. Tasted like ice cream in liquid form, very yummy and a nice aftertaste.

 Chocolate jardin dessert. Brandy cherry sorbet with fleur de sel (sea salt), chocolate soil, brown butter powder, brandied chocolate sponge, wood sorrel and black berries.

This was very good as I love chocolate! Chocolate and berries go so good together as well!!! At Fat Cat, berries, cherries and chocolate are flown in from France, such as varlhona and their dark morello cherry for their brandy cherry sorbet.

 Hot chocolate!!!!

So gooooooood! ^^

 Ashtray dessert!!! So cool the smoke will disappear once you lift off the lid!!!

 Smoked lavender soil, smoked ice cream, lavender, osmanthus, lemon cress, in a dome of osmanthus smoke.

Now I've never tasted or even heard of "smoked ice cream" before and was thinking "how can ice cream be SMOKED?" but well apparently it's possible because I felt like I was eating ice cream and smoke at the same time it's so cool idk how?? Hahaha.

 Some lime marshmallow which was so soft and squishy and yummy!

 By the way, Fat Cat is serving, alongside all these prettily and uniquely constructed dessert, premium ice cream and sorbet. Local fruits are sourced directly from producers, and nut pastes are flown in from Italy.

 Constructed expresso.

White chocolate custard espuma, expresso ice cream, freshly grated cinnamon.

Mixing it up. We enjoyed this too! I loved it even though I'm not a big fan of coffee (unless it has lots of milk) hahaha.

Modern and traditional cooking techniques such as slow cooking and sous vide are used to produce made-from-scratch ice creams and sorbets. Waffles are available at add ons at $4 each and gourmet waffles at $6 based on seasonality of ingredients.

Premium ice creams such as house creations from harry potter, butter beer ice cream, pistachio from Sicilia, Italy, white peach sangria made with special white wine selection and french white peah are priced at $4.50 per scoop. Standard flavours such as vanilla, banana hazelnut, passionfruit, varlhona chocolate, earl grey lavender are priced at $3.90 per scoop.

Plated desserts are available in small quantiy 1-2type, 10-20 plates each day. Subjected to availability by seasonality of ingredients and the time taken for kitchen to prepare. Based on first come first serve basis, and these plated desserted will be changed every 2-3 weeks. Variations will depend on the best ingredients available in the market.

Wines are available too, including butter beer, a german beer with secret concoction sauce, gauranteed to bring you close to three boomsticks in Harry Potter. What are you waiting for? Visit Fat Cat nowwwww!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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