Infuusa New Flavours

Infuusa is back with new improved flavours!!!!!

Now if you still do not know what is Infuusa, you can take a look at my previous blog post HERE. So let's skip the formal introduction! Infuusa is back this year, with new improved flavours! Read on for discount link!

Had a mini yoga session outside my pretty friend Jamie's hall room and we decided to pose with Infuusa as well!  

Pretty mermaid pose~ slanted picture but pretty us can already hahaha.

These photos are taken from Infussa themselves. So, about Infuusa's new flavours! Last year, Infuusa listened to what we consumers said about their cold brewed tea infusions, and have come back this year with improved stuff!

So what are the new improvements?

1. Infuusa satchets are now 50% larger than before, to include more of the yumminess in your cold brewed drink!

2. The popular Quadberry flavoured infusion has been refined, to allow the taste of more distinct currant berry, with a perfect balance of fruity tartness.

3. A new flaVour is added! SUMMER PEACH! It's a metabolism-boosting infusion that is mildly caffeinated. Cold brewing tea results in less caffeine in your drink however, so the effects of caffeine would be mild.

4. Zero-calorie sweetness were added, in the form of Stevia leaves! This allows for a natural sweetness without sugar or artificial sweeteners. Stevia is actually a safe sugar substitute that can be commonly found in local super-markets. In addition, the most natural version, the leaf, is used by Infuusa.

Review from my friend Jamie for the summer peach flavour: "The drink is easy to make because can just put into cold water, and the smell of the summer peach was fragrant and nice. The drink is very refreshing after workout and there was no sticky/untasteful after-taste, making the cold-brewed tea very soothing to the throat as well."

Review from me for the Quadberry flavour: refreshing and even yummier than before! I have always preferred a sweeter taste to my drinks and this did not disappoint, and it's healthy as well (no sugar) where the sweet taste came from the Stevia leaves and the berries. Awesome!

Forward fold.

Downward dog. 

 Infuusa with me under the sun for some beach volleyball!

So now, how would you like to get $5 off Infuusa store-wide???? HEHE VERY EASY JUST CLICK HERE to claim your $5 discount!!! Expires 30 June 2015, long way to go so you can keep refilling every month! 

What are you waiting for? Lead an #infuusalife today!!
P.S. special thanks to Jamie for stretching with me, and Ken for being my photographer!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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