Marugoto Shokudo @ Broadway Plaza

Do you love sashimi as much as I do? Check out what I had over at Marugoto Shokudou!

Aptly named Marugoto Shokudou, the first word of which literally meaning “to eat an entire meal”, this Japanese diner is proud to bring a bona fide Japanese dining experience to heartlanders with a menu of nearly 150 unique items, each lovingly crafted by a dedicated culinary team.

It's located at Broadway Plaza #01-07 at 4190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, Singpore 569841. Just a short 10 minutes walk from Ang Mo Kio mrt station! Check out their menu HERE! They have a seasonal menu too, some dishes I tried as posted below will be available in their February menu.

Trying out their February menu! Yes, it's for Chinese New Year and I've had my first loh-hei for the year! 

Look at the delicious prawns and salmon sashimi!!! And the crunchy handsome tapioca chips!

This is not like the traditional kind of yusheng, it's more of the Japanese style (of course haha) where the seafood flavours are more prominent. Also, the usual honey dressing was changed to yuzu honey!

Mixing in all the ingredients. 

Lots of wishes for this year! More unique views, more readers and so on hahaha!

Beautiful sashimi platter is up!!! The sashimi served were all fresh, and I especially enjoyed my salmon sashimi with the perfect soft texture.

Fresh and delicious! The flowers/leaves at the side are actually very fragrant, and we were taught that we can scatter them into our sauce and wasabi to mix them! Made the sauce so fragrant, to be tasted together with the sashimi as well.

 I love chawanmushi!! Cause I love eggs!! Any kind of eggs hehehe. Anyway, what's the special thing about this is..... IT'S FOIE GRAS CHAWANMUSHI!!

 Okay if you don't know what is foie gras, it's a food product made from the liver of a duck/goose which made the chawanmushi so tasteful and yes, you won't be able to find it elsewhere!!! It's a MUST-TRY when you visit Marugoto Shokudo!

 Buta shabu shabu salad! The thinly sliced pork looks so appetising!! (it was delicious)

 Definitely a healthier choice meal/side-dish with easy-to-eat meat alongside the usual salad dressing!

 OMG THIS is another MUST-TRY especially for beef/steak lovers!! It's like somehow crispy on the outside yet soft inside, and tastes awesome!

 Look at the meat so juicy!!! It's served on hotplate too so it will stay hot longer because this dish is best eaten while hot/warm!

 Garlic rice nom! Thought this was nice but pretty average. If you love garlic rice, I would recommend the one over at Koh Grill instead.

 Fish fish! I don't know the actual name of this dish but it was still yummy!

 The fish was fresh and soft, having been cooked well.

Chicken cutlet!

Perhaps I was already so full from all the previous dishes that I thought this was average-tasting only!

This is some good stuff! Minced raw tuna belly on sushi rice! Minced meat and rice don't always go well together but in this case they do.

Fresh meat plus yummy sushi rice which I love!!! Although the meat was raw, it didn't have the raw fishy smell which I thought was pretty awesome, and I could enjoy the meat and rice thoroughly without having to worry about the fishy after-smell.

Some delicious prawn tempura not to be missed at any Japanese restaurant.

Check out my cool unique dessert: cold icecream interior inside hot fried exterior. SO YUMMYYYY! It's almost like the beef again, crispy outside and then soft inside!!

Tried both the chocolate and vanilla flavoured ones, super good! Best way to end a meal.

 Bad quality picture, but glad to have met Nikki and Jacq that day!

Baby sis *insert hearts* Sisters who don't look alike hahaha.

Lastly, a photo taken with the directors of Marugoto Shokudo. Thank you for the invite!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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