Fiona Amour Nails

Gel manicure is so awesome! Check out my sponsor: Fiona Amour Nails!

The first picture here will always updated with my most recent set of nails.

Here is my first ever gel manicure! Done for Christmas, by Fiona!

My friends knows that I never bothered with manicure/pedicure because I'm quite a rough girl with my hands and all, my nail polishes always end up ruined.

I've heard of gel manicure of course, and seen many of my friends did it before too. Have always wanted to try a set of gel manicure! So it came as a pleasant surprise when Fiona contacted me to offer me a sponsorship which I gladly accepted!

Here is Fiona's diploma certificate to ascertain that she is indeed a good manicurist hahaha.

As a home-based salon, Amour Nails is located at Fernvale, Sengkang (opposite the new Seletar Mall and just a 2 minutes walk from Fernvale lrt). Fiona has a pretty and clean room in PINK which immediately made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

The first time I went was last year in December, to do my first set of gelish nails in the Christmas theme! Fiona is an awesome manicurist because she can multi-task, and make casual talk while doing your nails! I had such a good time talking to her and all while I sit there and watch art on my fingers.

Oh and just a friendly reminder, UV led light is used to dry the gelish nail polish. So, it would be better to put sunblock on your hands before starting this, to protect your hands from too much UV light! 

My first set of gel manicure, Christmas themed. I loved the snowman the most!

Here's Fiona hard at work filing my nails.

My second set of gel manicue. SO PRETTY I love this so much because it's in my two favourite colours: pink and white! And also include ribbons!!! This may be just a simple set but I can't stop staring at my fingers!! Hahaha. Anyway, I haven't done any 3D art YET because I still have volleyball competition to play (NTU inter-hall games) and so I definitely can't do 3D art yet. Next month is Chinese New Year and no more volleyball for awhile so yay, time for some ribbons! hehehe.

Oh and because I wanted french tip pedicure as well to match my fingers, Fiona did an express pedicure for me! Love how everything looks so sweet and pink!

Do check out Amour Nails on Instagram and Facebook! Contact/whatsapp Fiona at 90262166 to make an appointment!

Here are my Chinese New Year nails! SO pretty right I love the 3D ribbons so much!! So bling and all! Plus Fiona did such a good job with the glitter and paddlepop colours I requested!

Have you ever seen galaxy in pink? Well I requested for pink and pink is what I got!! Love it!

Matches my phone case and room curtain! Hahaha. Nail set for April.

Took a break from gel manicure for awhile because I've been so busy to visit Fiona, and also because I wanted to rest my nails a bit. This is my set of nails for July, with roses on stripes. Pretty!!! 

Fiona and I were looking through some nail designs before I decided on what I wanted to do; and we came across a monochrome one. I said, "hey this one not bad we can try" then Fiona said "no this one not bright enough for you, you fit the pastel/shiny/bright kind" HAHA then I was amazed because Fiona knows me so well!!!

Requested for this pretty set of nails and Fiona nailed it! Literally as well hahaha.

Minnie mouse inspired!

Always enjoy my monthly visits to her place!

Like Amour Nails' page on Facebook: and follow Amour Nails on Instagram:!

Contact/whatsapp Fiona at 9026 2166 to make an appointment! Also, check our Zuoyi's beauty blog HERE for another review on Fiona's services. Thank you for your professional and awesome manicure/pedicure service Fiona! 

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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