Yoga with Love

Back with a short post on the time when Ken went for a short yoga session with me!

Warrior pose!

We were actually students, where Pamela and Sandra were auditioning teachers for their newly opened home-concept yoga studio called Yoga Co

Downward dog position. Ken said it all felt like push-up position, recover, then repeating again and again. hahaha. 

Transiting from a plank.

 To a downward dog. I learnt that my palms and fingers have to be firm on the ground/mat and my fingers shouldn't be able to be lifted up.

Helping me go deeper into the stretch.

Ken going to a forward fold position. Hahaha.

Do until face red hahaha! 

Hello handsomeeeee!

Master Paalu (founder of Tirisula yoga) teaching us the correct alignments for the warrior pose.

 I learnt that our feet has to be hip distance wide apart, not in a straight line. No wonder I couldn't balance properly last time!


Thank you for always being so sporting to join me for whatever activities I have on, whenever and wherever!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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